Award Winning Conference Papers 

Best Conference Paper 2010
Leading Entrepreneurial Teams: Insights from Jazz
Deniz Ucbasaran; Andy Lockett & Michael Humphreys

Best Knowledge Exchange and Transfer Paper in Conference
Tracing the links between Absorptive Capacity, University Knowledge Exchange and Competitive Advantage in SMEs
Helen Fogg & Gill Peers

Learning for Entrepreneurship & Enterprise Education Track
A Model of Entrepreneurial Capability based on a Holistic Review of the Literature from Three Academic Domains
Hilary Lewis

Managing for Regeneration, Sustainability and Growth Track
Understanding Entrepreneurship Process and Growth in Emerging Business Ventures Under Market Socialism in China
Ping Zheng

Business Support Policy and Practice Track
Effectiveness and efficiency of SME innovation policy
James Foreman-Peck

Business Creation and Business Closure Track
Entrepreneur Income Creation as a Situated Capacity to Apply Resources to Opportunity
Dilani Jayawarna & Julia Rouse

Networks, Innovation and Resource Acquisition Track
Knowledge flows of innovation in small open economies – A comparative analysis of Ireland and Singapore
Nola Hewitt-Dundas; Annette Singh; Ho Yuen-Ping & Wong Poh Kam

Gender and Enterprise Track
High Growth Aspiration and Female Entrepreneurship: Unravelling the Effects of Gender
Mark Hart; Aloña Martiarena; Jonathan Levie & Michael Anyadike-Dane

ICT, IT and E-Business in the Small Firm Sector Track
Shortages of IT Skills in UK SMEs
Piers Thompson; Robert Williams; Brychan Thomas & Gary Packham

Finance, Venture Capital, Taxation and Regulation Track
Firm Financing: A Resource Based View
Dr Ciarán Mac an Bhaird

Creative Industries Entrepreneurship Track
Leading Entrepreneurial Teams: Insights from Jazz
Deniz Ucbasaran; Andy Lockett & Michael Humphreys

Social, Environmental and Ethical Enterprise Track
Individual Identity and Sustainable Entrepreneurship: The Role of Authenticity
Isobel O’Neil; Deniz Ucbasaran

Entrepreneurship in Minority Groups Track
Engaging with Super-Diversity: New Migrant Businesses and the Research-Policy Nexus
Monder Ram; Trevor Jones; Paul Edwards; Alexander Kiselinchev & Lovemore Muchenje

Family Business Track
Understanding the Relationship Marketing Process of Family Businesses in the Industrial (B2B) Sector
Wing Lam

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