The ISBE 2010 Annual Conference, London

Looking to the Future: Economic and Social Regeneration through Entrepreneurial Activity


There were many familiar faces as well as the new at the 33rd ISBE Conference. Whether attending to network and make valuable connections, to catch up on the latest research and trends, receive critical feedback on work, to engage in debate and discussion, for help getting published or a combination of them all, the ISBE 2010 Conference had something for everyone be they veteran or newcomer.

Attended by a blend of academics, policy makers and pratitioners from all over the world this year’s conference placed a greater emphasis on the facilitation of networking allowing delegates to exchange views, discuss their work, debate issues raised by the presentations, share ideas, form collaborative partnerships and meet new people with similar interests as well as catching up with old friends and colleagues.

Within sessions the debates raged and continued outside long afterwards, presenters got to share their knowledge and expertise and receive feedback and advice and those listening to learn and keep abreast of the newest high quality research in their own field or to expand into other areas. The vast variety of topics and tracks allowed people to pick and choose the most relevant and interesting papers for them.    

Returning to London our vibrant capital city and home to the ISBE office for the first time in over 20 years the event was held in the Luxurious Grand Connaught Rooms. This also served as an ideal venue for the Gala Dinner and Awards Ceremony where delegates get dressed up in their finery to enjoy socialising and discussion over a good meal amid the
splendour of the impresssive great hall.

Those nominated for a best paper award waited in anticipation for the ceremony where the winners were announced and prizes presented. After that debate and discussion turned to dancing as the live band filled the floor.

Overall it seemed the event was a success with a great deal of positive feedback including 97.3% of survey respondents saying that they would come to a future ISBE conference and 96.4% saying that they would recommend the Conference to a friend.

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For more information and to view the 2010 Best paper winners read the Enterprising Matters 2010 Conference Special


“I expect to find an expert group of peers at ISBE where you can be sure of relevant critical comment in order to help move your own thinking further forward.”

“Opportunity to present my work and get feedback and a good chance to meet fellow colleagues that I know and catch up/network. The conference also has a friendly, welcoming, feel”

“Parallel sessions are the most valuable part of the conference. I like the format, content and available choice of the sessions. Working in a specific area of entrepreneurship and innovation, it is an opportunity for me to broaden my mind in and reflect/ think on issues that I would perhaps normally 'walk past'. In that sense, the CD-ROM with full papers is also very valuable to me.”

“Getting comments for your own work from more experienced scholars in the field and networking because this is the only way to progress your work, improve and engage into new collaborations.”

“The Event allows me to keep in touch with people and get to know new research and potential partners for transnational projects”

“As a doctoral student the parallel sessions and informal networking help me stay current with the literature and foster future collaborations”

“High quality feedback on research from academics and practitioner views. Assessing the impact of research for policy and small business community”

“The chance to catch up with old friends and to speak to rising 'stars”

“For me the most valauble part of the conference is the time just after presentations when I can walk up to presenters and talk to them about their research”

“The Conference papers provide me with an interactive opportunity to discuss and understand developments and advances in research in my field.”

 “I found the doctoral day to be the most valuable. The networking element and the opportunity to discuss your research with relevant people is also very important”