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ISBE member published in national journal on 20 years of data about the Community Interest Company form

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STiR to Action, a leading national journal for developing thinking about models for a new economy, invited Adrian Ashton to draft a feature article to reflect on the Community Interest Company (CIC) legal form, on the eve of its 20th anniversary.

Introduced by the new Labour government in 2005, the CIC form was lauded as a game-changer for social enterprise when it was introduced, but an analysis of various data sets about this form, contextualised within the political narrative and policy context for the sector, suggests why it has long struggled to achieve its promised potential.

The article reflects on the history of the CIC form, testing the various claims made and promised about it, before identifying that what it may have actually contributed to the wider community and enterprise ecosystems has been more transformative and empowering for individuals than anyone might have otherwise hoped.

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