Business Administration – Topics & Perspectives for the 21st Century

Business Administration – Topics & Perspectives for the 21st Century ISBN 978-0-578-60861-7
October 2019
Author: David Amakobe
Editor: Sara Kimmel, Associate Professor, Mississippi College
Publisher: African Wood Inc

This book presents key topics and perspectives on business administration condensing them into a concise volume. Descriptions and examples given for a particular concept are therefore limited. Each topic and perspective area are updated with the most current research. The complexity of cross-cultural management is recognized, and care has been taken not to speculate when evidence supporting a particular concept or relationship is limited. And, the book is extensively referenced so that the interested reader has ready access to the source of the material presented and can easily follow up on the areas of most interest. In this edition, we have added questions for discussion at the end of each chapter.

Designed to present key issues in international management in a concise way, this book allows a number of options for its use in the classroom. It can be used in combination with complementary readings and cases as the core text for an advanced course in international or cross-cultural management with a micro-focus, or if combined with more experiential exercises, it can form the basis of short courses for students with some background in organizational behavior or international business. The book may also be a useful supplement in courses with a macro approach to international management. Scholars, particularly those without a deep background in cross-cultural management, will find it a concise reference to key issues and ideas in the field.

Dr. David Amakobe, DBA, African Wood Inc, 1201 N Orange St, Suite 902 Wilmington, DE 19801 – 


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