Call for Chapters: Handbook of Research on Entrepreneurship and Conflict

Deadline for Submissions 30 January 2022

Entrepreneurship and conflict are ubiquitous features of human society. Institutions are deemed successful if they create incentives for the peaceful resolution of conflict, coordination and collaboration, and respect for property rights. However, too often, institutions fail in this role. Agents may then face stronger incentives to engage in strategic behaviour, and market and government failures may reward zero-sum actions. Predation, rather than creation, can become a notable and even dominant form of entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship has a complex, ambiguous and changing role in human society, and one that can only be properly understood if its relationship with conflict is better understood. Current research on entrepreneurship tend to neglect this dark side of entrepreneurship.

The Handbook of Research on Entrepreneurship and Conflict will compile studies providing a broad overview of the relationship between entrepreneurs and conflict.  Both entrepreneurship and conflict will be broadly defined. Entrepreneurship can include innovative activities such as launching a new high-tech business or rent-seeking and corrupt activities that result from “bureaucrats in business.” Conflict could include not only violent conflict, but also conflict where the threat of violence or other forms of illegal coercion or behaviour characterises economic transactions.

The Handbook will appeal not only to students and scholars of entrepreneurship but also to policy makers, who take decisions that alter the incentives facing people with high levels of entrepreneurial abilities.

We welcome submissions related to:

  • Theories explaining entrepreneurship and conflict
  • State capture and rent seeking, entrepreneurship and economic development
  • Natural resources, entrepreneurship and economic development
  • Terrorism, entrepreneurship and economic development
  • Military Entrepreneurship
  • Narco Warlords
  • Entrepreneurship and Recovery
  • Entrepreneurship post conflict
  • Business failure and conflict
  • Family business and conflict
  • Equity investors and conflict
  • Conflict and organizational aambidexterity
  • Digital entrepreneurs and Conflict (e.g., cyberwarfare, online gaming)

Send your abstracts and queries to Bernadette Power () 

Important Dates
Title & abstract submission (500-1000 words):  30th January 2022

Submission of Full Manuscript (circa. 5000 words): 30th June 2022

Acceptance of Abstracts:  14th February 2022

Time for reviewing after the submission: 2 months after the submission of the full manuscript.

Expected publication date: November –December 2022


Wim Naudé PhD ()

Professor in Economics, Cork University Business School, University College Cork, Cork, Ireland.

Bernadette Power PhD ( )

Lecturer Economics, Cork University Business School, University College Cork, Cork, Ireland.