Call for papers: Examining the Entrepreneurial Revolution in Healthcare

This special issue invites papers that examine the entrepreneurship in the healthcare industry. The digital transition and transformation, sustainable challenges and the Covid-19 pandemic have created and augmented opportunities for emerging and existing entrepreneurs, but studies rarely examine this context.

  • Publication of this special issue is planned for 2024.
  • Submission window opens November 1st, 2022 and closes February 28th, 2023

Special Issue Guest editor(s)

Francesco Schiavone, University of Naples Parthenope, Italy ()
Natalia Vershinina, Audencia Business School, France ()

The papers included in this special issue will contribute to the definition of the entrepreneurial processes in healthcare, highlighting the variety of conceptualizations representing new entrants (i.e., digital companies) and incumbent companies (hospitals, pharma firms, biotech firms). In addition, the Special Issue attempts to address new research issues in the convergent field of healthcare and entrepreneurship, such as gendered entrepreneurial experiences within the healthcare industry, frugal innovation, sustainable healthcare entrepreneurship. Furthermore, it will be important to see the submissions that focus on the growing practices of healthcare entrepreneurs and specifically to shed further light on the configuration of healthcare start-ups and scale-ups. This work is necessary, as this special issue aims to provide a more comprehensive view of sophisticated interactions between economic and healthcare actors and healthcare entrepreneurs.

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