Call for papers – Special Issue: Entrepreneurial Agency in Constrained Contexts

Key dates: The deadline for submission of papers is February 19, 2024. The journal submission site will be open for submissions from February 5, 2024. The Special Issue is scheduled to be published in August 2025

Guest editors:

Dr Deema Refai: University of Leeds, UK ()
Dr Nick Williams: Professor in Enterprise & Entrepreneurship, University of Leeds, UK

Dr Haya Al-Dajani: Professor of Entrepreneurship, Mohammad Bin Salman College for Business and

Entrepreneurship, Saudi Arabia ()

Dr Aki Harima, Research Associate, University of Bremen, Germany ()

Dr Steffen Korsgaard, University of Southern Denmark, Denmark ()

Dr Maria Villares-Varela, Associate Professor of Sociology, University of Southampton, UK ()

 Details can be found on the journal’s webpage here.

This Call for Papers (CfP) aims to explore the role of entrepreneurial agency in enabling entrepreneurs to overcome the challenges of entrepreneurship and achieve structural changes when their actions are conditioned by those same structures they seek to overcome (Edwards et al., 2016).

For further information, please email Dr Deema Refai, University of Leeds (email: )