Call for Special Issue on Extracurricular enterprise and entrepreneurship education

Dr Emily Beaumont, Dr Sarah Preedy, Dr Kelly Smith and Dr Andreas Walmsley are guest editing a special issue of the journal Entrepreneurship Education and Pedagogy on Extracurricular enterprise and entrepreneurship education.

Work addressing the following questions/topics is encouraged:

  • Conceptualising the scope and nature of EE activities
  • What are intended outcomes of extracurricular enterprise activities and are these met? If not, what are the barriers to implementation?
  • How do extracurricular enterprise activities align with different pedagogical approaches?
  • How are extracurricular activities evaluated? What frameworks can be used to measure their impact?
  • What is the relationship between extracurricular enterprise activities and specific outcomes at the level of the individual, the institution and the wider community?
  • What impact has the global Covid-19 pandemic had on extracurricular enterprise activities and to what extent might extracurricular enterprise activities address some of the challenges raised by Covid-19?

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