Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice Special Issue: “Inclusive or Exclusive? Diversity and Inclusion in Entrepreneurial Ecosystems Research”

Submission deadline April 2025:
Publication 2026

 “Inclusive or Exclusive? Diversity and Inclusion in Entrepreneurial Ecosystems Research”

There is a growing body of work on Entrepreneurial Ecosystems (EEs) but much of this literature is biased towards technology entrepreneurship and highgrowth start-ups in stable institutional contexts. Prevailing debate largely ignores issues of diversity, inclusion, and exclusion; thus, there needs to be far greater recognition afforded to who benefits from the cultural, social, and material resources that ecosystems provide and the context-dependent networks upon which they are built. In this special issue, we aim to add complexity to the debate by focusing upon the importance of inclusivity and diversity to develop meaningful definitions of EEs and study their effectiveness; we envisage papers will reach into debates on EEs and issues such as race, gender, ethnicity, age, wellbeing, health, and resilience, social innovations and social goals as well as societal impacts and contributions to sustainability. The aim of this special issue, therefore, is to critically analyse the scope and efficacy of EEs in relation to diversity, inclusion, and exclusion; we invite relevant submissions that demonstrate relevance that use a range of methodologies, evidence and ideas .

SI editorial team: 

Riccardo Fini, Bologna University, Italy ()

Susan Marlow, University of Nottingham, UK ()

Argyro (Iro) Nikiforou, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark ()

Einar Rasmussen, Nord University, Norway ()

Maija Renko, DePaul University, USA ()

Johan Wiklund, Syracuse University, USA ()