Call for Papers – Special issue: “Exploring Entrepreneurship Policy in a Global Context: A gender perspective”

International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour & Research
(Guest Editors: Colette Henry, Joan Ballantine, Marcus Dejardin, Helle Neergaard & Alena Krizkova)

Synopsis: The Global Women’s Entrepreneurship Policy Research Network (Global WEP) are pleased to issue a call for papers for a special issue on “Exploring Entrepreneurship Policy in a Global Context: A gender perspective” in the International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behaviour & Research. 

The SI will highlight issues relating to culture, skills, finance, networks and regulations, and argue that current public policies for entrepreneurship are often inadequate to address the gender gap. Potential policy solutions will also be identified, and existing ‘promising practice’ policy examples will be highlighted. Our overall objective is that – based on findings from this SI collection – scholars will have a much better understanding of the nature of entrepreneurship policy, its embedded gender biases, its generally (although not exclusively) perceived ineffectiveness, the importance of linking policy instruments to the wider entrepreneurial ecosystem, the importance of including women at the design stage, and the need to ensure relevant monitoring and evaluation mechanisms are built into all policies from the outset. This SI will also provide valuable insights into theoretical frameworks and methodological approaches that are appropriate to the study of entrepreneurship policy when applying a gender lens, including new theories and methods. 

The guest editors invite empirically and conceptually based papers that address one or more of the research questions listed below. Single country and comparative empirical studies are welcome, as are robust literature reviews whose objective is to identify policy trends, effectiveness or shortcomings; anchor existing scholarly works within conceptual frameworks or contribute to theory building. All authors will be expected fully draw out clear policy recommendations from their work.

  • To what extent does policy influence gender differences in the scale and nature of entrepreneurship activity?
  • How and to what extent is current entrepreneurship policy gendered?
  • What needs to change in current entrepreneurship policies in order for them to be more gender-focused?
  • How can policy frameworks be evaluated or improved upon?
  • To what extent are current entrepreneurship policies targeted at women entrepreneurs connected to the broader entrepreneurial ecosystem?
  • What can policymakers learn from previous policy-making efforts, and are there specific lessons to be learned from developed/under-developed countries?
  • Are there notable entrepreneurship policy differences between countries?
  • What evaluation and monitoring frameworks can be applied to entrepreneurship policies?
  • How does context affect entrepreneurship policy?
  • What existing theoretical frameworks and methods are appropriate to the critical and robust exploration of entrepreneurship policy from a gender perspective?

Submission window opens on 1st November.

See full call for papers here.

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