Special Issue on Human Resource Management and Scaling

Are you ready to contribute to the cutting edge of human resource management research? Human Resource Management journal invites submissions for its upcoming special issue, “Scaling Up: Exploring the Role of Human Resource Management in Exponential Growth Contexts”.

This issue seeks to uncover how HRM can both drive and manage the challenges of scaling in organizations, exploring themes from strategic HR processes to the impact of technology on HR practices. Whether your expertise lies in entrepreneurship, organizational behavior, or HR itself, this is a unique opportunity to help shape an emerging area of study that connects HRM theory and practice with the realities of rapid organizational scaling.

Submissions are open from February 1st to 28th, 2025. For more details on submission guidelines, please visit the journal’s homepage, pioneering research that bridges scholarly inquiry with real-world application. Join us in this scholarly endeavor to better understand and facilitate organizational growth through effective human resource management.