Recently Published Book: The Changing Employment Relationship’ by Patricia Leighton and Tui Mckoewn.

‘Work in Challenging and Uncertain Times :The Changing Employment Relationship’  by Patricia Leighton and Tui Mckoewn.           

Routledge ISBN978-0-367-89748-2 (pbk)

A critique of the many deep seated issues and fault lines in the ways contemporary work is provided, rewarded and managed


Completed just before the devastating COVID-19 pandemic struck, the book takes a hard and questioning look at,  many of the features of contemporary work, such as  dramatically growing inequalities, the rise of increasingly complex business and employment models leading to fragmentation and issues around accountability, the decline of traditional support structures, concerns about technology but also health and wellbeing and, importantly ,the slowness or failure of policy-makers and regulators to achieve real improvement. The book adopts a multi-disciplinary and wide-ranging approach, though it sees an important role for history, especially the responses to earlier crises and disasters But It also seeks out good practice, which explains its dedication to Robert Owen.

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