Business Creation, Early Stage Development and Business Closure



Dr Christopher Brown, University of Hertfordshire

Dr Saulo Barbosa, EMLyon Business School

Small business throughout the world are challenged in developing sustainable business models, this track focuses on those particular challenges associated with start-ups, early stage business development and the unfortunate outcomes and impact of business closure. The research is fairly wide ranging and has over the previous years attracted high-level papers:
• How innovative start-ups are using sustainability to gain traction in their respective markets;
• Start-up capital (in particular science and technology driven firms), and the increasing new area of alternative debt or equity funding;
• Going global: the role that national and regional innovation regeneration programs have on business creation and support
• New market entrants and the role of emerging technologies in disrupting and transforming these firm’s value propositions;
• Market & Customer development: how to co-create sustainable futures in science & technology-driven firms;
• Graduate & Academic enterprises; the role of universities and other agencies in supporting the local economy;
• Lessons learnt from firm closure.