Business Support, Policy and Practice



Dr Nick Williams, University of Leeds

Dr Norin Arshed, Heriot-Watt University

Dr Karim Messeghem, Universite Montpellier

Dr Sylvie Sammut, Universite Montpellier

Kindly supported by Innovation Alliance


Over the years, the track has developed as a valuable and highly engaging forum for the dissemination of up-to-date research on wide ranging topics related to public policy and how it relates to entrepreneurship, small business and innovation. The contemporary nature of the track is reflected in the fact that the research presented at the ISBE conference has reflected the changing nature and context of business support and public policy.

In recent years, the track has become a platform for research and debate on evaluations of business advice and support, policy aimed at fostering innovation and high growth businesses, (in)effective policy interventions and the lessons learnt, start-up hubs in different international contexts, as well as papers on industry-academia relationships and how they can be more effectively fostered.

The diversity of the topics in the track is one of its real strengths, and the papers in the track are of great interest to academics working in the arena of policy and its impacts, as well as policy makers and practitioners looking to learn from recent lessons of effective/ineffective intervention.

• Developments in business support policies and structures
• Innovation policy
• Support for high-growth start-ups
• National and regional programmes of business support
• Entrepreneurship policy and support in developing economies
• The added value of business support: how does it make a difference?
• Alternative way to deliver business support: mainstreaming versus specialist provision International comparisons of business support
• Effective business support in a recessionary environment