Family and Community Business



Dr Claire Seaman, Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh

Celine Barredy, Universite Paris Ouest

Dr Kathleen Randerson, EDC Paris

The family and community business track will focus on the manner in which institutional voids may exist within family and community business and/or the manner in which voids in, for example, business support agencies may influence family and community enterprises. The track also welcomes studies that explore how family organisations and community-based enterprises develop business models that embrace innovation and successfully promote change.

Topics may include, but are not limited to:
• Developing alliances and networks
• Managing networks and knowledge
• Entering new markets
• Designing new realities
• Embracing sustainability
• Redefining branding and identity
• Developing dynamics capabilities
• Nurturing enterprising communities
• Managing business transfer, including family succession, management buyout, employee ownership, closure and sale
• Philanthropy, including monitory philanthropy and community engagement
• Intervention, support and family business advisors
• Overall engagement in proactive and innovative strategies
Papers that address other family business topics with innovative practices and new thinking approaches will also be considered and are happy to promote case studies and practitioners’ contributions.