Diversifying the Social Investment Advisor Market








For Business Sake, a leading provider of Social Impact and Investment Consultancy for Black and Racialised Communities, Social Enterprises and charities, is delighted to announce that we have been awarded a grant from the Connect Fund to support the Diversifying the Advisor Market strand.

The Connect Fund is a UK-based initiative that aims to support the development of a more robust and diverse social investment market. This grant will allow us to make significant progress towards increasing diversity within the advisor market, which is essential for building a more equitable and inclusive sector.

The Diversifying the Advisor Market strand addresses the need for more diversity among social investment advisors, which is currently working on increasing access to finance for underrepresented groups. Through this initiative, we will work to identify and support a more diverse range of business advisors/consultants to become social investment advisors, specifically those from underrepresented backgrounds.

This grant will enable us to create a training and development programme and networking opportunities to support social enterprises and charities from diverse backgrounds to enter and progress within the social investment sector. This approach will create more equitable access to finance and bring new perspectives and insights to enhance the social investment sector.

We will be recruiting Black, Racialised and Diverse Advisors to join the SEICC programme in the coming weeks!


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