Diversity Data Report and 14-Step Framework

A framework intended as a self-assessment and quality assurance method for diversity data collection among social enterprises and social investors.

Diversity Data Project Diversity Data Report & Framework — Diversity Forum

The Diversity Data Project Report explores the multifaceted landscape of diversity data collection among social enterprises and social investors. Through listening exercises, co-creation sessions, and extensive research, the project identifies key challenges and proposes a 14-step framework to improve diversity data practices. This framework, intended for self-assessment and quality assurance, offers guidelines at sectoral, organizational, and individual levels to ensure data collection is user-centered, inclusive, and purposeful. The report emphasizes the importance of cross-sector collaboration and ongoing development to achieve meaningful progress in equity, diversity, and inclusion within the social sector.

Our Manifesto

In signing our Manifesto you commit to our:

  • 7 pledges linked to evidence criteria

  • Strive to make progress on our 10 initial actions in the first 6 months

  • Annual reporting on the 7 criteria linked to each pledge

We believe equality, equity, diversity and inclusion is a journey, not a destination. Our goal is to work alongside social investment organisations to improve our sector and in doing so, realise our potential to improve inclusion and access for the communities we serve. Our EDI Toolkit — Diversity Forum helps Social Investment Teams level up their equity, diversity and inclusion.

Contact for further information (this will appear in the Bulletin and on the website): www.diversityforum.org.uk


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