ISBE announces launch of new Entrepreneurship in Minority Groups SIG

ISBE is proud to announce the launch of a new Special Interest Group in Entrepreneurship in Minority Groups.

The new EMG SIG will engage researchers and academics whose research interests broadly cover groups ‘outside the mainstream’, including ethnic minorities, refugees and migrants/diaspora, transnational, internally displaced, disabled, young people, those operating in the informal economy,  hard-to-reach and understudied groups; and ‘intersectional’ combinations of these groups.

The SIG will support the long-established ISBE conference track on Entrepreneurship in Minority Groups and will support the work of new and emerging scholars and Doctoral researchers, as well as experienced and distinguished scholars who have supported the track over many years. The SIG will aim to provide recognition and support for the contributions they make in raising awareness and highlighting the uniqueness of the experiences of different minority groups. 

The SIG aims are:

–             To facilitate knowledge exchange between researchers, academics, policymakers and the business community internationally

–             To provide space for the development of research ideas and collaboration between doctoral students, early career researchers to senior colleagues; and to aid the dissemination and publication of work of under-represented groups

The SIG will be launched at an event at De Montfort University, Leicester, in Spring 2019. For more information, please visit here.

An interim Organising Committee, co-chaired by ISBE Fellow Professor David Rae & Track Chair Dr Tom Domboka, will set up the SIG through to its first AGM which will be held at the ISBE Conference in November 2019.

For more information and to join the new SIG (open to ISBE members and non-members), please see here.


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