Entrepreneur Development Materials Trial

The trial will take place between March and September 2022

Learn how to ensure viability, build relationships, enhance performance, handle change, align with your values, collaborate and contribute to society.

ISBE members are being invited to take part in the trialling of learning and development materials.  These have been designed to help small business owners/entrepreneurs to realise their potential and in doing so improve outcomes for their business.  Initially participants will be asked to read the Information Sheet outlining the aims of the study and what is involved, they will then be asked to sign a Consent Form indicating that they agree to take part in the trial.  Participants will then be sent seven packs of learning and development materials designed to help them to identify and handle pressures and challenges, build confidence and self-esteem, increase authenticity, connect with others, make wide and ethical decisions, enhance performance, build resilience and maintain optimum health and wellbeing.  The approach taken to developing the materials is underpinned by proven management theory and practice, up to date research and insights and learning gained from the researcher’s own experience of running a business and supporting business owners.  Taking part in the trials will involve engaging with the activities in each pack and then providing feedback by completing a simple form.

Please email Maureen O’Callaghan for further information 


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