Selling your business is a one-off event. With no vested interest, we offer an honest introduction into the processes involved in preparing your business for sale.

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The programme take place at University of Nottingham, Jubilee Conference Centre,  Triumph Road Jubilee Conference Centre, Nottingham NG7 2TU

This programme discusses the pros and cons of various divestment strategies and how to plan for them. Emphasis is placed on discussing the key performance indicators to achieve the most favourable business sale and the valuation calculations to justify your pricing. This one-day workshop is your introduction to the industry standards and art of selling a business.

The programme will look at:

  • the timescales involved
  • how to handle communication within and outside the company
  • how to appoint the most suitable brokerage firm
  • the preparation done before going to market
  • the expectations of the buyer
  • the effective marketing of the sale
  • the negotiation processes themselves and the post-sale integration

You will also get the opportunity to meet the professors behind the largest Management Buy-Out (MBO) database in Europe, Venture Capitalists who have bought and sold dozens of enterprises, entrepreneurs who reflect on their successful exit stories and brokerage firms who can support you in your future endeavours. Ultimately this short course aims to increase your chance of a most favourable exit.

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