Invitation to Host ISBE 2023

We are now inviting academic institutions, either on an individual or partnership/consortium basis, to apply to host the ISBE 2023 conference.

Celebrating our 45th conference in 2023, the ISBE conference has become known as the place to go for the highest-quality, cutting-edge entrepreneurial and small business research. ISBE’s vision is to connect our membership and their communities to pursue excellence in small business and entrepreneurship, and our conference is the optimal expression of this vision. We welcome applications from groups who feel they can work with us to provide another excellent event for our community.

The ISBE conference connects practitioners and policymakers with business support practitioners and academics, nurturing productive dialogue and engagement amongst these groups, allowing research to inform policy and practice to create genuine change. Conference hosting provides an opportunity for the organising team to engage with and involve regional business and policy organizations. Proposals should, therefore, outline engagement and promotion plans, as well as indicating potential sources of sponsorship. Proposals are expected to identify the main conference location, capable of hosting plenary sessions and simultaneous track sessions, as well as potential locations for the conference gala dinner and awards.

The conference provides the opportunity for everyone from PhD students, early career researchers and established academics through to entrepreneurs and policymakers to discuss their work and receive valuable feedback from other experts in their field. We welcome applications from diverse conference organisation teams that similarly reflect the inclusive nature of ISBE, regardless of individual difference or career stage.

The ISBE conference connects

Taking place over two days, preceded by a dedicated PhD workshop and accompanied by innovative engagement activity with business and practitioner communities, the ISBE conference attracts 350 to 400 attendees from more than 40 countries. We host over 250 presentations on a diverse range of topics, including:

  • Business Creation
  • Business Support
  • Creative Industries Entrepreneurship
  • Enterprise Education
  • Entrepreneurial Finance
  • Entrepreneurial Governance
  • Entrepreneurial Practitioner Learning
  • Entrepreneurship in Minority Groups
  • Family and Community Business
  • Freelancing, Solo Self Employment & Gig Economy
  • Gender and Enterprise
  • International Entrepreneurship
  • Networks and Innovation
  • Research Methods, Practice and Inquiry/Impact (RMPI)
  • Rural Enterprise
  • SME Growth
  • Social, Environmental and Ethical Enterprise
  • Technology Entrepreneurship

The conference also hosts specialised expert plenary sessions and debates coordinated by the conference organising committee, alongside a range of practice-based workshops and other networking activities.

Conference Aims:

  • To provide an international event that enables excellence in small business and entrepreneurship across research, policy, practice and learning communities
  • To connect our membership and their communities in the pursuit of excellence in small business and entrepreneurship
  • To bridge the gaps between research, policy and practice through facilitating effective communication and interaction
  • To support the ongoing development of communities of interest and special interest groups built around our conference tracks
  • To support the burgeoning careers of our PhD student and early career researcher communities

Conference Dates

The ISBE conference takes place each autumn, usually in early November. While subject to availability of a suitable conference venue, preferred dates for the annual conference are usually in the latter half of the second full week of November, depending upon venue availability.

Deadline for Expressions of Interest

Institutions or consortia interested in hosting the ISBE annual conference in 2023 should submit a short outline proposal via email  by Monday 10th January 2022.

Outline proposals should cover the following points:

  • Details of potential/proposed venue.
  • Details of your proposed financial (cash and in-kind) sponsorship contribution to ISBE, or potential sources of sponsorship.
  • An estimate of any on-site costs that will need to be met by the organisers, for example daytime catering, AV hire costs.
  • Suggestions of venues for the first evening’s Welcome Reception and the second evening’s Gala Dinner including approximate costs for venue and catering.
  • Details of the Conference organising team and Institutional support for the bid
  • An indication of how the host institution is aligned to the purpose, values and vision of ISBE.
    • ISBE’s purpose is to enable excellence in small business and entrepreneurship across research, policy, practice and learning communities
    • ISBE’s values are CLEAR:
      • Community
      • Looking forward
      • Ethical
      • Authoritative
      • Relevant
    • ISBE’s vision is to connect our membership and their communities to pursue excellence in small business and entrepreneurship

Outline bids will be reviewed by the ISBE Board with feedback provided promptly thereafter; shortlisted bids will be required to complete and submit the full Conference hosting application by Tuesday March 22nd 2022.


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