ISBE 2022 Additional Conference Activities

Thursday 27th October 2022

12.30pm-1.00pm SIG AGM’s
12.30pm-1.00pm Meet the Editor International Journal of Gender and Entrepreneurship (IJGE) – Helle Neergaard – Gender Track Room
1.00pm-1.30pm IJEBR Annual Report Session – Paul Jones
1.00pm-1.30pm ISBJ Board Meeting – Rob Blackburn
1.00pm-1.30pm Launch of the Research Methods, Practice and Inquiry/Impact (RMPI) Track – David Higgins

Friday 28th October 2022

12.30pm-1.00pm ISBE AGM
1.00pm- 1.30pm Book Launch – ISBE masters in entrepreneurship series (Resourcing the start-up business) – Ossie Jones