Dr Lorna Treanor, University of Nottingham

Dr Ketch Adeeko, University of Bristol

In association with ISBE’s Gender and Enterprise Network Special Interest Group (GEN)

Join today here. Membership of the SIG is open to ISBE members and non-members.

The Gender and Enterprise track at ISBE seeks to facilitate greater understanding of the ways in which gender affects the entrepreneurship experiences of different men and women. To that end, we accept papers covering a wide range of aspects including, but not limited to:
• Internationalisation of women-owned businesses
• Innovation within women-owned businesses
• Leadership and gender in the entrepreneurial firm
• Constructing and reconstructing gender in the context of entrepreneurship
• Institutional influences upon women’s business ownership
• The impact of gender roles on family business succession, management and ownership practices
• Gender specific support and advice initiatives,
• Evaluating and monitoring policy support for women’s enterprise
• Masculinities, femininities, and entrepreneurship
• Transgender, genderqueer and non-binary entrepreneurial identities and experiences
• Women’s enterprise in developing, disadvantaged and rural economies
• Women as science, engineering and technology entrepreneurs
• Women as high growth business owners
• New sites of women’s entrepreneurship
• Research methodologies which are theoretically sited within a feminist perspective