ISBE member calls out Imposter Syndrome as a fake

ISBE member publishes new book on Imposter Syndrome that casts doubt of what most people understand it to be

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Based on research and other cues, Adrian Ashton has published a ‘pocket book’ that argues how everything that’s taken as ‘accepted wisdom’ about Imposter Syndrome is actually a fallacy. He’s identified how it can be seen as being originally an artificial construct to control the career aspirations of women; but has since morphed into something that people now fear ‘catching’, when instead it should be embraced and valued.

Drawing on real life examples, initial reviews of the book, on both Amazon and across social media channels, show it’s being universally welcomed and enjoyed. Some have also shared how they’re starting to use it in youth leadership development programmes that they manage.

Currently, the book is only available in a physical format, but has been priced to encourage and enable as many people as possible to engage with its ideas.

Adrian’s blog shares the background to how it was he came to write and publish this book, despite never having any intention to – and why he was keen that it ‘smells’.

Click here for a blog with the background and introduction as to how the book came to be.


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