ISBE Speakers’ Box!

We all know what it’s like when you go to these big conferences, so much great stuff to choose from and so little time!

This year at ISBE, we want to give everyone the opportunity to shout about their research and encourage others to come and listen and so we’ve created a Speakers’ Box!  This is a similar process to the world-famous Hyde Park Corner Speakers’ Corner.  During coffee breaks and in between parallel sessions, you will have the chance to stand on a box and deliver a 2-minute precis of your paper in the refreshments area of the conference.  Like all good Speakers’ Box participants, you will generate your audience by how you encourage them to come and listen.  This is your chance to put into practice that old entrepreneurial skill of ‘The Elevator Pitch’.

Check the programme on the ISBE site for the break time periods and then book your 2-minute slot for Speakers’ Box by contacting Eva Kasperova on .  Walk-ins will also be possible.

Don’t miss this opportunity to tell the world about the great work that you are doing!