ISBE member calls for end of discrimination that stops 4.5 million workers being able to manage their well-being

ISBE member Adrian Ashton highlights discrimination in employment law that means the self-employed can’t access the same support to avoid burnout, compared to salaried employees

Tax allowances in employment law mean that people can benefit from discounted access to facilities and services through their employer to help them better manage their health well-being (and avoid burnout). Yet, for over 4 million people in work, access to these discounts is denied, because the same rules that apply to employees don’t extend to the self-employed.

This is of particular concern in light of various researches highlighting how, in comparison to their salaried counterparts, the self-employed:

– pay more tax

– can’t take holidays to the same extent

– suffer with their mental health more

– experience greater stresses in their work

Adrian Ashton is therefore seeking to explore how this discrimination against a significant proportion of the UK workforce with regards to their health and well-being might be further challenged. He is open to speaking with other ISBE members who may be interested in exploring this further with him.


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