New article published on small/family hospitality firm image perception

New article published on small/family hospitality firms
Kallmuenzer, A.; Peters, M., Buhalis, D., 2020, The role of family firm image perception in host-guest value co-creation of hospitality firms, Current Issues in Tourism, Vol.23 (19), pp.2410-2427.

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Customers value the services and products of family firms. Rural areas are dominated by family hospitality firms. Perceived family firm image (FFI) affects guests in co-creating value. Trust, relationship commitment, social interaction ties influence value co-creation under the influence of FFI perception. Relationship commitment and social interaction ties influence value co-creation, and a perceived FFI in particular strengthens the effect of social interaction ties on value co-creation. Installing facilitators of value co-creation, enhancing the FFI via social capital and further investigating the customer perception of family firms in the rural hospitality industry and beyond.

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