New book by Simon Bridge: The Persistence of Entrepreneurship Myths: Reclaiming Enterprise

The Persistence of Entrepreneurship Myths: Reclaiming Enterprise

Triggered largely by claims that small businesses are a key source of new jobs, an ‘explosion’ of interest in enterprise, entrepreneurs and small business has led to the establishment of a conventional wisdom.

Mistaken theories can become influential and examining the conventional enterprise wisdom indicates that much of it is questionable. Developing a new paradigm will not be easy but accepting the evidence for the errors in current understanding and practice is a necessary first step.

This book examines this conventional wisdom around enterprise, entrepreneurs and small businesses and illustrates not only why and how this could have evolved, but also why it could be based on a set of mistaken assumptions.

Correcting the foundational knowledge on which enterprise and policy and practice rely and finding a new paradigm will result in better teaching and more effective policy. It will therefore be of interest to researchers, academics,  students and policy makers in the fields of enterprise and entrepreneurship.

Routledge  ISBN 978-1-032-12811-5


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