New OECD/EU Publication:  The Missing Entrepreneurs 2023

Launched 30 November 2023

Available to read on line or purchase at OECD iLibrary

The Missing Entrepreneurs 2023 is the 7th edition in the OECD-EU series of reports that examine inclusive entrepreneurship policies. The report shows that there are substantial untapped opportunities for entrepreneurship in populations such as women, youth, seniors, the unemployed, people with disabilities and immigrants and highlights the need for more differentiated government entrepreneurship policies that respond to the specific barriers they face.

In addition to reporting on entrepreneurship activity rates by women, immigrants, youth, seniors, the unemployed and people with disabilities, it also contains chapters on the effectiveness of inclusive entrepreneurship schemes targeting youth entrepreneurs anddesigning effective welfare bridges to support business creation by the unemployed. The report includes country profiles on each of the 27 EU Member States

Contact for further information: Dr. Jonathan Potter, Head of Entrepreneurship Policy and Analysis Unit, CFE, OECD –


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