New report: Entrepreneurship Policies through a Gender Lens


Entrepreneurship Policies through a Gender Lens

The report Entrepreneurship Policies through a Gender Lens (May, 2021), prepared by the OECD and the Global Women’s Entrepreneurship Policy (GWEP) Research Network, highlights long‑standing issues related to the scope and effectiveness of women’s entrepreneurship policies – issues which have been exacerbated by the COVID‑19 pandemic – and points the way to more effective policies. Based on an assessment of entrepreneurship trends and barriers, and 27 policy insight notes authored by leading academic experts, this report highlights the need for gender‑sensitive entrepreneurship culture, investment in entrepreneurship skills, improved access to financial capital and professional networks, and more supportive regulatory environments for women entrepreneurs.

The report is edited by Colette Henry, Barbara Orser & Susan Coleman (for Global WEP) and Jonathan Potter and David Halabisky (for the OECD), and is available here.

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