New Rules Are Here

The UK has left the EU and new rules for business with the EU came into force on 1 January 2021.

Even though a deal has been secured, doing business with Europe has changed. You need to follow new rules on exports, imports, tariffs, data and hiring. Unless you have checked that you are ready, your business may face disruption.

  • Check the new rules on importing and exporting goods between the EU and Great Britain using the step-by-step guides for importing and exporting. Different rules apply in Northern Ireland.
  • The way you hire from the EU has changed. Freedom of movement between the EU and UK has ended and the UK has introduced a new points-based immigration system. Find out more at: uk/hiringfromtheEU
  • There are new requirements for EU citizens living and working in the EU. Find out more about the EU settlement scheme with this online tool.
  • Be prepared on data protection and data transfers. More information can be found here.
  • Business travellers may need to apply for a visa, work permit or other documentation before travelling to the EU/EEA/Switzerland. Find out more here.


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