ISBE 2016: Best Paper Awards


Every year, the best papers at the ISBE conference are recognized at our annual Awards Ceremony as part of our conference Gala Dinner. Best papers are selected anonymously by each track team, with an overall conference best paper chosen by the VP Research at ISBE and team. Whilst only full research papers are eligible to win in each track, working papers and other types of paper can be recognized as Highly Commended. We also award the ISBE Fellowship to individuals who have made a significant contribution to the worlds of entrepreneurial research, policy and practice.

This year, we are also delighted to launch the President’s Award for Best Paper by an Early Career Researcher.

The Awards Ceremony took place during ISBE 2016 on Thursday, 27th October. A video recording is available on the ISBE website

Congratulations to all nominees and winners this year:

President’s Award for Best Paper by an Early Career Researcher


Entrepreneurial Axiology: Hybrid values in creative social enterprise
Jaleesa Renee Wells

Best Research & Knowledge Exchange paper 2016


Beyond the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem and Mixed Embeddedness Approaches: a Review and Research Agenda
Annabell Gast | Natalia Vershinina | Kassa Woldesenbet Beta

Best Conference Paper 2016

Presented by Helen Alexander; sponsored by Emerald Group Publishing



Not as easy as it looks: Digital entrepreneurship, the great leveller?
Angela Martinez Dy | Lee Martin | Susan Marlow

ISBE Fellowship

Professor Nigel Culkin, University of Hertfordshire


Professor Gerard McElwee, University of Huddersfield

Gerard McElwee

Current Fellows Professors Lynn Martin and Ken O’Neill were also recognized


Best Track Papers

Business Creation, Early Stage Development and Business Closure

Sponsored by the University of Hertfordshire




What do entrepreneurs do? Entrepreneurial opportunities and entrepreneurial learning, the DNA for entrepreneurial action
Shingairai Masango | Paul Lassalle

Highly Commended
Bridging Entrepreneurial Intention Action Gap; The Role of Cultural Values and Self-Regulation
Khalid Alammari | Mohamed Haddoud
Firm Shutdown during the Financial and Sovereign Debt Crises: Empirical Evidence from Portugal
George Saridakis | Priscila Ferreira

Business Support, Policy and Practice

Sponsored by Innovation Alliance


Business Support as Regulatory Context: Exploring the Interactions of External Influences on SMEs
Oliver Mallett

Highly Commended
Getting transformational advice
Kevin Mole | David North | Robyn Owens
Is Public Policy to Blame for Poverty Self-employment?
John Kitching

Creative Industries Entrepreneurship


Entrepreneurial Axiology: Hybrid values in creative social enterprise
Jaleesa Renee Wells

Highly Commended
Creative industries, gender and entrepreneurship education: the missing link to entrepreneurial outcomes
Charlotte Carey
Positive Impact of Business Support Programme on the Financial Performance of Microbusinesses in the Creative Industries
Florence Magee

Enterprise Education


Examining the effect of gender diversity in student entrepreneurship teams
Ciarán Mac an Bhaird | Roisín Lyons | Theo Lynn

Highly Commended
Extracurricular enterprise activities in HE, students’ perceptions of their entrepreneurial behaviours, competencies and capability
Emily Beaumont | Sarah Preedy | Sarah Stevenson | Jane Morrison
The future role of entrepreneurship centres in the UK
Paul Jones | Gideon Maas | Lester Lloyd-Reason

Entrepreneurial Practitioner Learning

Sponsored by University of Liverpool Business School



Scripting entrepreneurial life: exploring enablers for action through entrepreneurial narrative and dialogue
Eloise Keating | David Higgins

Highly Commended
Exploring how Entrepreneurs make Decisions on Growth: A Cognitive Perspective
Marian Evans
Exploring the Perceived Impact of Strategic Learning Plans
Monica Murphy | Felicity Kelliher | Denis Harrington

Entrepreneurship and Small Business Realities: Contemporary Issues in Entrepreneurship Research



Not as easy as it looks: Digital entrepreneurship, the great leveller?
Angela Martinez Dy | Lee Martin | Susan Marlow

HIghly Commended
Enhancing Innovation through Design Thinking process in SMEs in the Food and Drink Industry
Monika Dukarska | Breda O’Dwyer | Helena McMahon
How does Satisfaction affect Organizational Reaction to Performance Feedback?
Jorge Villagrasa Guarch | Alejandro Escribá-Esteve

Entrepreneurship in Minority Groups



Beyond the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem and Mixed Embeddedness Approaches: a Review and Research Agenda
Annabell Gast | Natalia Vershinina | Kassa Woldesenbet Beta

Highly Commended
Migrant Entrepreneurship: Reflections on Research and Practice
Monder Ram | Trevor Jones | Maria Villares-Varela
Organizing Against inequality: Institutional Work of Informal Entrepreneurs to Mitigate the Effects of Social Exclusion
Carmelo Paviera | Rick Woodward

Family and Community Business


Keeping it in the Family: Paradoxes of Leadership in Family Firm Strategy and Survival
Jane Glover | Kiran Trehan

Highly Commended
Family Business in African Context: Embeddedness and its perverse effects
Albert Lwango | Didier Chabaud | Régis Coeurderoy
Resistance and change in a depleted community: personal, pragmatic and paradoxical
Lorraine Warren | Jo Bensemann | Alistair Anderson

Finance, Venture Capital, Taxation and Regulation


The impact of staged investment and syndication on the exit of venture-backed companies: some empirical evidence
Emmanuelle Dubocage | Aurelie Sannajust

Highly Commended
A Novel Perspective on Start-up Financing
Thomas Zehren
Does Choice of Valuation Approach Matter in Private Company Arbitration Proceedings?
Jani Saastamoinen | Hanna Savolainen

Gender and Enterprise


Gendered Language and Student Entrepreneurship Course Choice in Universities: A Cross-Cultural Analysis
Jan Warhuus | Sally Jones

Highly Commended
Motivations among women social entrepreneurs in 10 European countries and their relationship to economic and social measures of success
Anne Laure Humbert | Muhammad Roomi
Mumpreneurship matters: In search of alternative conceptualisation and contextualisation
Natalia Vershinina | Nichola Phillips

International Entrepreneurship



Recipes to Promote New Exporters in Developing Countries: a configuration approach to managerial success factors
Mohamed Haddoud | Paul Jones | Robert Newbery

Highly Commended

In which cultural contexts do individual values explain entrepreneurship? A multilevel model using Schwartz values theories
Carlos Morales | Claudia Holtschlag | Percy Marquina

Networks and Innovation



Collaborative Business Models Networking Processes in the Craft Beer Sector
Sarah Dodd | Juliette Wilson | Ciáran Mac an Bhaird | Angelo Bisignano

Highly Commended
Design thinking and effectuation in SMEs: an embedded innovation model
David Roach | Joel Ryman
Universities, open innovation and the determinants of network centrality: A study of structural, organisational and locational factors
Robert Huggins | Daniel Prokop | Piers Thompson

Rural Enterprise


Entrepreneurial structure and agency; where place structures distributed entrepreneurial agency
Alistair R. Anderson | Johan Gaddefors

Highly Commended
From crisis to competitiveness: agricultural cooperatives and resilience in rural enterprises
Sarah Cooper | Angela Tregear
Social Media, an Entrepreneurial Opportunity for Agricultural Based Enterprises
Wyn Morris | Penri James

SME Growth and Performance: Quantitative Perspectives


Who and Where are the Self-Employed Job Creators?  
Andrew Henley

Highly Commended
How Staying Broad Makes You Win: Examining the Role of Training and Innovation Breadth on SME Performance in Canada
Kanhaiya K Sinha | Simon Oliver Raby
‘Take your partners’: Entrepreneur decision model for partnership or sole proprietor organisation in SMEs
Robert Bennett | Dragana Radicic

Social, Environmental and Ethical Enterprise


Inconvenient Truth: Do UK Owner-Managers value Social and Environmental Goals?
Jonathan Levie | Mark Hart

Highly Commended
Hybrid or not: conflicting perspectives in social entrepreneurship Social, Environmental and Ethical Enterprise
Paulami Mitra
Wellbeing Services and Social Enterprise: Exploring the Tensions Between Institutional Logics
Ian Vickers | Fergus Lyon | Bianca Stumbitz

Technology Entrepreneurship


Technology-related Diversification of Companies with Narrow Market Scope Technology Entrepreneurship Roman Lombriser | Andreas Ziltener | Katrin Schillo

Highly Commended
Conceptualising a New Stage Model of Electronic Business Adoption in Yemeni SMEs
Ahmed Abdullah | Gareth White | Brychan Thomas
The role of outsourcers in the determination of Business-IT alignment in small firms
Ronald Aquilina

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