ISBE 2016 Programme: Day One



ISBE 2016: Day One
Thursday 27th October 2016
Novotel Paris Central Tour Eiffel

(WP) = Working Paper; (CS) = Case Study; (PP) = Practitioner Paper; (PPT) = Powerpoint only

Parallel Session One – Thursday 11:00-12:30

Business Support, Policy and Practice
Doing innovation in the Liverpool city-region? Coordinating assets, funding and capabilities in an emerging innovation ecosystem (WP)
Benito Giordano
The Entrepreneurial Approach to Lean Management in the Business Support Industry
Amandine Maus | Sylvie Sammut
Firms’ Resources and Export Propensity: A Cluster Analysis Approach to Inform Export Promotion Policy
Mohamed Haddoud
Business Support as Regulatory Context: Exploring the Interactions of External Influences on SMEs **RAKE 2015 PAPER**
Oliver Mallett

Enterprise Education
Transferring Entrepreneurship Education knowledge in a conflict environment: Insights from Boko Haram Heartland
Paschal Anosike | Seun Kolade | Pervaiz K Ahmed | Yong Wang
Textbooks are One Thing; the Real World is Different. Perspectives on Self-Determined Learning (WP)
Isla Kapasi | Galina Grekova
Achieving Successful Executive Transitions in Mid-Cap Organizations in Canada (WP)
Simon Raby, Julie Choi and Hugh Evans
An Exploration of the Role of Higher Education Institutes in Developing a Region’s Entrepreneurial Eco-system
Joe English

Entrepreneurial Practitioner Learning
Developing Entrepreneurship Education Across European Borders
Dimitris Bibikas | Tim Vorley | Robert Wapshott
Scripting entrepreneurial life: exploring enablers for action through entrepreneurial narrative and dialogue
Eloise Keating | David Higgins
Thinking about thinking: reflexivity as evolving practice for personal and business development (WP)
Rachelle Andrews
iKEN: A model of enhancing Entrepreneurial Skills of Nascent Entrepreneurs
Krishna H S | Manjula Sridhar | Prasanna Krishnamoorthy

Entrepreneurship and Small Business Realities: Contemporary Issues in Entrepreneurship Research Louvre
System Views on Entrepreneurship: Going in the Right Direction?
Jesper L. Christensen
Nascent Entrepreneurs and Internet Based Crowd Funding: An examination of barriers in practice (WP)
Emma Green | Arun Sukumar
Director’s cut: exploring the hidden role of startup coaches (WP)
Riccardo Bonazzi | Lorenzo Mizzau | Vladi Finotto
Entrepreneurial Intention, Competitiveness Dynamics and Economic Development: A Longitudinal Study (WP)
Walid NAKARA | Samiha Gharbi | Rahma LAOUITI

Family and Community Business
What’s in it for Me? Towards an Understanding of the Motivational Bases of Entrepreneurial Philanthropy
Suzanne Withrington
Family Business in African Context: Embeddedness and its perverse effects (WP)
Albert Lwango | Didier Chabaud | Régis Coeurderoy
Dealing with Institutional Deficiencies: How Entrepreneurial Families support each other in navigating Institutions
Mariana Estrada-Robles | Nick Williams | Tim Vorley
Towards a framework for higher education curriculum for small family business
David Devins | Brian Jones

Finance, Venture Capital, Taxation and Regulation
Growth and job creation at the firm level, Swedish SME data
Darush Yazdanfar | Peter Öhman
The role of trust in influencing the equity crowdfunding platform development path: an exploratory study of AngelCrunch in China
Li Xiao | Robyn Owen
The impact of staged investment and syndication on the exit of venture-backed companies: some empirical evidence
DUBOCAGE Emmanuelle | SANNAJUST Aurelie
Alternative sources of entrepreneurial finance: Evolution or passing fad? (WP)
Ciarán Mac an Bhaird | Robyn Owen | Sarah Drakoupoulou Dodd | Juliette Wilson | Angelo Bisignano

Gender and Enterprise
A Gender perspective on Megatrends and Innovations
Sanna Joensuu-Salo | Kirsti Sorama
The gendered effects of regional public policy on women entrepreneurship. The case of a French entrepreneurial ecosystem.
Chasserio Stephanie | Poroli Corinne | Bacha Eliane | Philippe Pailot | Typhaine Lebegue
Gender Diversity in the Boardroom and Firm Performance: Evidence from the UK
Mohamed Sherif
Gendered Language and Student Entrepreneurship Course Choice in Universities: A Cross-Cultural Analysis
Jan Warhuus | Sally Jones

Networks and Innovation
Inter-firm collaboration and its impact on green innovativeness capability development in the micro firm context.
Sinead Mellett | Felicity Kelliher | Denis Harrington
How Fields Matter: Network Development of Start-ups in innovation-specific Contexts (WP)
Katharina Scheidgen

Rural Enterprise
Palais Royal
Entrepreneurial structure and agency; where place structures distributed entrepreneurial agency
Alistair R. Anderson | Johan Gaddefors
Dynamics of Banks’ Lending Practices to Farmers in India
Navjot Sandhu | Javed Hussain | Harry Matlay
Entrepreneurial Orientation in Subsistence Farms in Kenya: the moderating impact of poverty when there is nothing left to lose
Robert Newbery | Stephen Roderick
Rural Entrepreneurial Space: A study of Local Tour Operators and the Nenets Indigenous Reindeer Herders
Tatiana Gorbuntsova | Stephen Dobson | Nicola Palmer

SME Growth and Performance: Quantitative Perspectives
Grand Palais
Who and Where are the Self-Employed Job Creators?
Andrew Henley
Determinants of Firm Growth: The Role of Regional Factors
Olubunmi Ipinnaiye
Decentralized and tactical management accounting in SME The unutilized benefits of rolling forecasts and better budgeting approaches for intrapreneurial management in medium sized companies
Thomas Heupel

Social, Environmental and Ethical Enterprise
Social Justice delivery through Entrepreneurial Humanitarian Engineering Education
Simon Hill
Wellbeing Services and Social Enterprise: Exploring the Tensions Between Institutional Logics
Ian Vickers | Fergus Lyon | Bianca Stumbitz
Measuring the Impact of Social Enterprise on the Social Determinants of Health (WP)
Katy Gordon | Juliette Wilson | Andrea Tonner | Eleanor Shaw
Social Entrepreneurship and the Context that Defines Value : A Case Study of Peepoople in Kenya (WP)
Suvi Kokko | Richard Ferguson

Technology Entrepreneurship
Notre Dame
The role of outsourcers in the determination of Business-IT alignment in small firms (WP)
Ronald Aquilina
Technology-related Diversification of Companies with Narrow Market Scope
Roman Lombriser | Andreas Ziltener | Katrin Schillo
Exploring an understanding of Social Media Entrepreneurship (WP)
Martin Beckinsale
Social Entrepreneurship and Disruptive Innovation: evaluating the use of Rumie’s free educational software in seven developing economies
Christopher Moon | Allison Kavanagh | Jackie Jeffrey | Joseph Gebbels | Karen Korsgaard

Parallel Session Two – Thursday 14:00-15:30

Business Creation, Early Stage Development and Business Closure (14.45-15.30)
Notre Dame
It Does Matter: How Human Capital Influences a New Firm
Jessica Moser
Creating and Sustaining High Potential Entrepreneurial Startup Teams (WP)
David Wilemon

Business Support, Policy and Practice
SME Learning in a Recession: In Search of Growth
Milan Gyanwali
Reconceptualising anchor institutions: a new direction for regionally-focused small firm support **RAKE 2015 PAPER**
Oliver Mallett | Paul Richter | Fiona Whitehurst | Leigh Sear
Institutional Factors Promoting Growth of Informal Economic Activities in Nigeria (WP)

Enterprise Education
Encouraging Entrepreneurial Behaviour Through Design Thinking: Students’ Reflections on the Learning Process
Uladzimir Kamovich | Kjersti K. Longva | Matthew Lynch
The Training, Education and Preparation of Entrepreneurs (WP)
Florence Isaiah | Charlotte Carey | Thomas Domboka | Prof John Sparrow
Examining the effect of gender diversity in student entrepreneurship teams
Ciarán Mac an Bhaird | Roisín Lyons | Theo Lynn
Teaching Models in Venture Creation Programs (WP)
Uladzimir Kamovich | Alain Fayolle

Entrepreneurial Practitioner Learning
Exploring the Perceived Impact of Strategic Learning Plans
Monica Murphy | Felicity Kelliher | Denis Harrington
Strategic Entrepreneurship for International Mobility in the HE Industry
Alison Pearce | James Cunningham
A Leader Development Model: A Mirror Before Window Critical Approach (WP)
Gary Walpole
Qualitative Shadowing: Chasing Pavements or Advancing Research Methods in Entrepreneurial Learning?
Alex Kevill | Kiran Trehan

Entrepreneurship and Small Business Realities: Contemporary Issues in Entrepreneurship Research Louvre
The Role of Information Technology as a Strategic Management Practice that Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) use to Achieve Growth in Hostile Market Conditions (WP)
Simon Raby
Enhancing Innovation through Design Thinking process in SMEs in the Food and Drink Industry (WP)
Monika Dukarska | Breda O’Dwyer | Helena McMahon
Not as easy as it looks: Digital entrepreneurship, the great leveller?
Angela Martinez Dy | Lee Martin | Susan Marlow
Factors that influence the success of small and medium enterprises: insights from Windhoek, Namibia
EM Rankhumise

Entrepreneurship in Minority Groups (14.45-15.30)
Migrant Entrepreneurship: Reflections on Research and Practice (WP)
Monder Ram | Trevor Jones | Maria Villares-Varela
Reconciling foreign places, socio-economic imperatives and self-identity: Examining the business startup among Afghan refugees
Colleen Mills

Family and Community Business
Succession in Family Firms: The Role of the Successor’s Social Skills
Didier Chabaud | Hedy Yezza
Keeping it in the Family: Paradoxes of Leadership in Family Firm Strategy and Survival
Jane Glover | Kiran Trehan
Family resources for disabled entrepreneurs? (WP)
Naheed Roni
Inside Outsiders – Identity of Nonfamily in Close Family Firms (WP)
James Cunningham

Finance, Venture Capital, Taxation and Regulation
Sending out the right signals: towards a model of successful communication in crowdfunding (WP)
Des Laffey
A Novel Perspective on Start-up Financing
Thomas Zehren
Do publicly backed venture capital investments promote innovation? Differences between privately and
publicly backed funds in the UK Venture Capital Market
Yannis Pierrakis | George Saridakis
Crowdfunding: A Short Circuit to Growth? (WP)
Cara Pleym

Gender and Enterprise (14.00-14.45)
I Feel Disappointed When People Who I Work with Do Not Respect Me Because I Am a Lady, Because I Am a Foreigner!!!!
Mahdieh Zeinali
Embedding women’s entrepreneurship within less developed countries: how useful is the strength of a ‘weak ties’ approach to social networks in mitigating Principal-Agent problems in these countries?
John Struthers | Dina Nziku (Rob Smith presenting)

Networks and Innovation
Investigating market failures in open innovation
Nola Hewitt-Dundas | Stephen Roper
Small business leaders’ attitudes, values and behaviours relating to environmental concerns:
perception of current and future business model innovation fitness (WP)
Christopher Brown
Entrepreneurship and innovation: a cognitive perspective
Elena Bruni | Sara Bonesso | Fabrizio Gerli
Partner Selection in Coupled Open Innovation Projects: A Study of Start-up Firms in the Food Manufacturing and Technology Sector
Andrew Johnston

Rural Enterprise
Palais Royal
Agriculture : a fertile soil for entrepreneurship research? (WP)
Roland Condor | Maxime Pravel
Entrepreneurship and context: The story of Ava (WP)
Annie Roos | Johan Gaddefors
Gender differences in accessing rural development policies (PPT)
Marcello De Rosa | Gerard McElwee

SME Growth and Performance: Quantitative Perspectives
Grand Palais
Who is able to develop a small enterprise and who is not?
Ekaterina Litau
Enhancing Innovation through Design Thinking process in SMEs in the Food and Drinks Sector Industry (WP)
Monika Dukarska | Breda O’Dwyer | Helena McMahon
How Staying Broad Makes You Win: Examining the Role of Training and Innovation Breadth on SME Performance in Canada
Kanhaiya K Sinha | Simon Oliver Raby
‘Take your partners’: Entrepreneur decision model for partnership or sole proprietor organisation in SMEs
Robert Bennett | Dragana Radicic


Social, Environmental and Ethical Enterprise
Towards an appreciation of ethics in social enterprise business models
Mike Bull | Rory Ridley-Duff
Hybrid or not: conflicting perspectives in social entrepreneurship (WP)
Paulami Mitra | Janice Byrne
Social Enterprise Governance and the Elusiveness of Social Ownership
Leandro Sepulveda | Fergus Lyon | Ian Vickers
An examination of collaborative processes within a hybrid network: a longitudinal study
Bob Doherty | Alex Gillett | Kim Loader | Jonathan Scott

Technology Entrepreneurship
Notre Dame
ICT Adoption in Ethnic Minority Businesses (WP)
Qasim Irshad
Conceptualising a New Stage Model of Electronic Business Adoption in Yemeni SMEs (WP)
Ahmed Abdullah | Gareth White | Brychan Thomas

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