ISBE 2016 Programme: Day Two



ISBE 2016: Day Two
Friday 28th October 2016
Novotel Paris Central Tour Eiffel

(WP) = Working Paper; (CS) = Case Study; (PP) = Practitioner Paper; (PPT) = Powerpoint only

Parallel Session Three – Friday 09:00-10:30

Business Support, Policy and Practice
Identifying Value Added Capability Factors: Analysis of the External Environment for Business Incubation
Nasser Al-baimani | Nicholas Clifton | Eleri Jones
Institutional Hysteresis and Local Economic Resilience: How Entrepreneurship in Peripheral Post-Industrial Places is Shaped by Legacies of the Past
Cristian Gherhes
Harnessing the power of institutions for the unleashing of entrepreneurial potential: the moderating role of quality of government
Jun Li | Tianchen Li | Abhijit Sengupta
Getting transformational advice (WP)
Kevin Mole | David North | Robyn Owens

Creative Industries Entrepreneurship
Notre Dame
Positive Impact of Business Support Programme on the Financial Performance of Microbusinesses in the Creative Industries
Florence Magee
Creative industries, gender and entrepreneurship education: the missing link to entrepreneurial outcomes (WP)
Charlotte Carey
Expanding the Domain of Festivals: The Hidden Entrepreneur in Festival Research (WP)
Juliette Wilson | Norin Arshed | Eleanor Shaw | Tobias Pret

Enterprise Education
The Mystery of the Reluctant Entrepreneurs? – Issues Related to Engineering Students (WP)
Chris Gibbons | Emer Ní Bhrádaigh
Competence Measurement Tools for Entrepreneurship Education Progression Models (WP)
Uku Lilleväli | Marge Tàks
An international study of the effects of entrepreneurial education in HE
Laura Galloway | Amal Abbas | Marlene Muller | Linda McGilvray | May Ling Siow
Conceptual Framework for Shaping Career Intention of Early Stage Entrepreneurs: The Moderating role of Personal Interest (WP)
Hussaina Goje

Entrepreneurial Practitioner Learning
SMEs and training for environmental management: An attitudinal perspective
Sue Cassells | Kate Lewis
Developing a dynamic model of personal control for business growth (WP)
Tamara McNeill | Hazel Carter-Showell | Hannah Johnson
Learning for competitions sake: the start-up competition know-how imperative amongst nascent entrepreneurs
Kayleigh Watson | Pauric McGowan

Entrepreneurship and Small Business Realities: Contemporary Issues in Entrepreneurship Research Louvre
Higher and degree apprenticeships in UK small business: an exploration of emerging themes (WP)
Valerie Antcliff | Susan Baines
E-Marketing Adoption Decision by SMEs: A Qualitative Study
Ahmad Khraiwish | Jonathan Deacon | Paula Stephens
How does Satisfaction affect Organizational Reaction to Performance Feedback?
Jorge Villagrasa Guarch | Alejandro Escribá-Esteve
The motivations and intentions of hybrid entrepreneurs
Ruth Little | Pauric McGowan | Mark Durkin | Edward Marram

Family and Community Business
Resistance and change in a depleted community: personal, pragmatic and paradoxical
Lorraine Warren | Jo Bensemann | Alistair Anderson
Using Institutional Logics to Understand Organizational Change and Transition: The Case of Family Businesses Operating in the Real Estate Sector (WP)
Gary Barron | Simon Raby
Succession planning in family-owned enterprises: Narratives from Ghana
Jocelene Buckman
The role of mentoring in managing change and developing local engagement with leadership in not-for-profit,
community organisations: Examples from the Church of Scotland Path of Renewal Pilot initiative (CS)
Rita Welsh

Gender and Enterprise
Does Economy and Divorce Circumstances Affect Male and Female Self-Employment in Spain?
George Saridakis | Anne-Marie Mohammed | Jesús M. Garcia Iglesias | Rebeca I. Muñoz-Torres
Mumpreneurship matters: In search of alternative conceptualisation and contextualisation
Natalia Vershinina | Nichola Phillips
Unravelling parallel stories of entrepreneurial provenance in the nested masculine narratives of Nicholas Van Hoogstraten
Robert Smith
Entrepreneurial Performance, Determinants and Measurement: The Case of Female Entrepreneurs in Cameroon.
Ernestine Ning

International Entrepreneurship
Grand Palais
The Impact of Militancy on SMEs in Developing Countries
Ignatius Ekanem
Exploring internationalisation strategies in the French wine industry: The role of Entrepreneurial Marketing
In which cultural contexts do individual values explain entrepreneurship? A multilevel model using Schwartz values theories
Carlos Morales | Claudia Holtschlag | Percy Marquina
Role of Culture in Effectuation: exploring the Marwari cultural philosophy and entrepreneurial approach
Nihar Amoncar

Networks and Innovation
Comparing the Entrepreneurs’ Perceived And Behavioural Ego Network For Innovation
Laura Cortellazzo | Sara Bonesso | Fabrizio Gerli
A Quest for viable economic model for Peshawar Pakistan using Etzkowitz Conceptual framework of Triple Helix Model: A case study of Entrepreneurship Development Centre, IMSciences Peshawar, Pakistan (PP)
Romy Khan | Oswald Jones | Sajjad Ahmad Khan
Confronting Complexity: Deliberative Engagement, Environmental Sustainability and SMEs
Paul Willis | Ralph Tench | Gertrud Latif Knudsen | David Devins | Silvia Iacuzzi

Rural Enterprise
Palais Royal
Problematizing rural firm growth – New metaphors as a way forward (WP)
Maria Tunberg | Johan Gaddefors | Richard Ferguson
English entrepreneurs in France and entrepreneurial opportunity structure
Food and Drink SME Internationalisation: Comparing Wales and Brittany (WP)
Robert Bowen | Andrew Henley | Tiffany Low | Nicholas Perdikis
Complexity and Maturity of Business Model Innovation in the Agri-food Sector
Henrik Barth | Pia Ulvenblad | Per-Ola Ulvenblad

Social, Environmental and Ethical Enterprise
A Conceptual Paper Identifying SME Interaction with Local Communities (WP)
Louise Atkinson
Inconvenient Truth: Do UK Owner-Managers value Social and Environmental Goals?
Jonathan Levie | Mark Hart
Social management accounting Development of an integrative framework for environmental and social costing in SME
Thomas Heupel
Institutional Entrepreneurship for Permaculture: Findings from a RAKE project **RAKE 2015 PAPER** (WP)
Audley Genus | Marfuga Iskandarova

Parallel Session Four – Friday 11:00-12:30

Enterprise Education
How a leading Premier League Football Club Delivers Entrepreneurship Education: a Case Study of Manchester United (WP)
Jonathan Styles | Robert Martin
The future role of entrepreneurship centres in the UK
Paul Jones | Gideon Maas | Lester Lloyd-Reason
Preparing Nascent And Early Stage Entrepreneurs For Their Entrepreneurial Journey: What Psychological Resources Do They Need And How Can They Be Acquired? (WP)
Peter Pease | James Cunningham
The University as a Catalyst for Entrepreneurial Leadership – It’s a Matter of Design
Michele Rusk

Entrepreneurial Practitioner Learning
How do New Zealand optometrists perceive and manage role tensions in a rapidly changing and
increasingly competitive trade environment?
Lorraine Warren | Jocelyn Handy | Dianne Gardner | Michelle Hunt
Exploring how Entrepreneurs make Decisions on Growth: A Cognitive Perspective
Marian Evans
Understanding Social Media Adoption Within Small Firms
William James Wilson
Has the time come to stop using the word ‘entrepreneurship’? (PP)
Simon Bridge | Spinder Dhaliwal

Entrepreneurship and Small Business Realities: Contemporary Issues in Entrepreneurial Research Louvre
Firm Survival during Financial Crisis: The Effect of TMT characteristics, Strategic decisions and Family Firm Ties (WP)
Jorge Villagrasa Guarch | Alejandro Escribá-Esteve
Unravelling power asymmetry challenges for smaller enterprises that engage with larger players:
a case of a small business brand and a much larger, international retailer
Paul Copley
A Decision Making Pathway of Expected Retirement Age: A Comparison analysis Between Self-employed and Employees
Jingjing Qu | Jun Li | Vania Sena
Defragmenting the terms Self-employed, Entrepreneur and Business Owner
Simon Best | Mike Ribeiro | Abrar Alahmadi

Entrepreneurship in Minority Groups
Immigrant Entrepreneurs in a Chilean Region: Who are they? What do they do? Are they really a contribution to local development?
Gianni Romaní | Luis Miguel Rodrigo | Emilio Ricci
Will I stay or will I go? An examination of the Australian entrepreneurship ecosystem and the ethnic entrepreneur
Naomi Birdthistle | Susan Rushworth | Antoinette Flynn
The Advantages of being Disadvantaged: A Phenomenological Research on Black African Immigrant Entrepreneurs in South Yorkshire (WP)
Tilahun Mekonnen

Family and Community Business
The impact of time, place and the paradox of entrepreneurial philanthropy
Suzanne Withrington
Multi-Rational Networking: the Family in Family Business Networks
Claire Seaman | Mike Pearson | Ronald McQuaid
Profit generation or community resource? Attitudes to the operation of a post office by a charity
Rory Ridley-Duff | Neil Bishop | Gareth Morgan

Finance, Venture Capital, Taxation and Regulation
Behavioural perspectives on risk management at RBS and HBOS (PPT)
Alan Benson | William Forbes
Does Choice of Valuation Approach Matter in Private Company Arbitration Proceedings?
Jani Saastamoinen | Hanna Savolainen
‘All Out War’ on Kickstarter: Reward-Based Crowdfunding in Tabletop Games (WP)
Martin Smith | Kelly Smith
Bank Lending to the UK and Pakistani SMEs: a survey of the literature
Javed Ghulam Hussain | Hatem El-Gohary | Arsalan Tauqir Khawaja
Financial literacy and the growth of Small Medium size Enterprises: An analysis of Enterprises in the UK
Javed Hussain


Gender and Enterprise
Is Female Entrepreneurship within Entrepreneurship a response to the various Gendered Entrepreneurship sectors? (WP)
Sundas Hussain | Charlotte Carey | Steve Harding
Motivations among women social entrepreneurs in 10 European countries and their relationship to economic and social measures of success (WP)
Anne Laure Humbert | Muhammad Roomi
How Women’s Entrepreneurship Builds on Collaborative Entrepreneurship (WP)
Christina Constantinidis
Women Entrepreneurial Success across Europe A comparative Study (PPT)
Florica Tomos | Jonathan Deacon | Oana Cristina Balan | Andre Clark

International Entrepreneurship
Grand Palais
Recipes to Promote New Exporters in Developing Countries: a configuration approach to managerial success factors
Mohamed Haddoud
SME Internationalization learning: The role of Performance Feedback
Margaret Fletcher
International Entrepreneurship: An Ecosystem Approach
Paul Lassalle
The Impact of Entrepreneurial Orientation on Firm Performance: the Case of Small and Medium-sized Abu Dhabi Businesses
Mohamed Sherif | Laura Galloway | Hajer Zarrouk

Networks and Innovation
Types of Innovation in Pakistani Software SMEs (WP)
Khushnood Anwar | Brychan Thomas
Universities, open innovation and the determinants of network centrality: A study of structural, organisational and locational factors
Robert Huggins | Daniel Prokop | Piers Thompson
Effectiveness of public procurement in stimulating innovation in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)
David Douglas | Dragana Radicic
Design thinking and effectuation in SMEs: an embedded innovation model
David Roach | Joel Ryman

Rural Enterprise
Palais Royal
Rural entrepreneurship and institutional context – fragile rural entrepreneurial processes interacting with
incontestable support systems
Per Vilhelmson | Svante Brunaker | Johan Gaddefors
The Emergence of a Leadership Development Program for Agricultural Entrepreneurs: The Case of Sweden
Pia Ulvenblad | Jennie Cederholm Bjorklund
How Entrepreneurial Behavior Shapes Paradigmatic Changes in Agricultural Practices (WP)
David Wilemon
Entrepreneurial orientation, social values and Chinese subsistence farmers’ entrepreneurial behaviour (WP)
Iona Yuelu Huang | Hong Jiang | Gerard McElwee | Charlotte Rayner

Parallel Session Five – Friday 14:00-15:30

Business Creation, Early Stage Development and Business Closure
The Evolving Value Proposition: The Relationship Between the Value Proposition and the Three Dimensions of
Pivoting in ICT Startup Companies: An Empirical Study (WP)
Greg Fleet | Dan Doiron
Institution-Based Model of Entrepreneurial Intentions Using the Theory of Planned Behaviour (WP)
Fredrick Agboma
Extending the Entrepreneurial Intention Model
WIlliam Lucas | Sarah Cooper
Firm Shutdown during the Financial and Sovereign Debt Crises: Empirical Evidence from Portugal
George Saridakis | Priscila Ferreira

Business Support, Policy and Practice
Do Pharmacists Perceive Themselves as Entrepreneurs? (WP)
Lorraine Warren | Shane Scahill | Janet Sayers
Is Public Policy to Blame for Poverty Self-employment?
John Kitching
Public procurement: revisiting the challenge of value for money versus SME support
Kim Loader
The Role of Electronic Procurement Service in Facilitating SMEs’ Involvement in Public Innovation Procurement
Jani Saastamoinen | Timo Tammi | Helen Reijonen

Creative Industries Entrepreneurship
Notre Dame
Entrepreneurial Axiology: Hybrid values in creative social enterprise
Jaleesa Renee Wells
The Role of the A/r/tographer in Design for Enterprise (WP)
Cathy Giles & Breda O’Dwyer
How do entrepreneurs engage and value a creative experience in their entrepreneurial journey ? (WP)
Stefania Romano
Collective entrepreneurship in the French Cultural and Creative Industries: The pros and cons of cooperatives (WP)
Catherine Morel | Sandrine Stervinou | Carole Lerendu | Dominique Billier

Enterprise Education
The views of Alumni Entrepreneurs on University Enterprise Education (WP)
Robert A. Phillips
Opportunities Lost: The Case of Opportunity Recognition Education
Margaret Tynan | Andy Penaluna | Jill Venus
Design – thinking in action: ‘Simply Do’ Ideas?
Kathryn Penaluna | Kathryn David
Self-directed learning within Enterprise Education – how are students leading their own learning? (WP)
Sarah Preedy

Entrepreneurship in Minority Groups
How resource organisations support disabled entrepreneurs? (WP)
Naheed Roni
Organizing Against inequality: Institutional Work of Informal Entrepreneurs to Mitigate the Effects of Social Exclusion
Carmelo Paviera | Rick Woodward
Beyond the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem and Mixed Embeddedness Approaches: a Review and Research Agenda
Annabell Gast | Natalia Vershinina | Kassa Woldesenbet Beta

Finance, Venture Capital, Taxation and Regulation
Islamic Banking: Chances for Entrepreneurship A German perspective
Hartmut-Heinrich Meyer | Thomas Heupel
The Role of Business Angel Networks (BANs) in Financing Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Saudi Arabia (WP)
Batoul Banjar
Differences in Investment Practices between European and US Venture Capital Funds: a frequency analysis
Keith Arundale
Non-practitioner views on the reasons for the difference in performance between European and US venture capital funds
Keith Arundale

Gender and Enterprise
Cultural Background, Gender Difference and Work-Life Balance of Entrepreneurs: Some New Insights from a European Survey (WP)
Didier Chabaud | Sattin, Jean-François
Mobile phones and women’s entrepreneurship: A qualitative study on how mobile phones can support
women’s entrepreneurship in Iraq (WP)
Nisreen Ameen | Rob Willis

Networks and Innovation
Collaborative Business Models Networking Processes in the Craft Beer Sector
Sarah Dodd | Juliette Wilson | Ciáran Mac an Bhaird | Angelo Bisignano
In search of legitimacy: the role of relational capital and knowledge in social enterprises
Maria Granados | Ainurul Rosli
The role of communities of practice in the evolution of the entrepreneurial process (WP)
Cherisse Hoyte

Rural Enterprise
Palais Royal
It’s our way of life’ – Exploring forms of embeddedness in diversified farm businesses (WP)
Juliette Wilson | Andrea Tonner
From crisis to competitiveness: agricultural cooperatives and resilience in rural enterprises
Sarah Cooper | Angela Tregear
Animateurship and rural community-to-community learning
Gerard McElwee | Robert Smith | Peter Somerville
Egyptian Rural Women Entrepreneurs: Challenges and Possible Opportunities (CS)
Nermin Elkafrawi | Gerard McElwee

Parallel Session Six – Friday 16:00-17:30

Business Creation, Early Stage Development and Business Closure
Bridging Entrepreneurial Intention Action Gap; The Role of Cultural Values and Self-Regulation
Khalid Alammari | Mohamed Haddoud
Motivation For Later-Life Entrepreneurship: An Examination Of ‘Privileged Entrepreneurs’
Simon Parry| Oliver Mallett
What do entrepreneurs do? Entrepreneurial opportunities and entrepreneurial learning, the DNA for entrepreneurial action
Shingairai Masango | Paul Lassalle

Business Support, Policy and Practice
Defining and Measuring the Local Context of Business Climate in the US (WP)
Jae Teuk Chin
SME Growth and Development: Towards a Multidimensional Framework (WP)
Mark Gilman | Aineias Gkikas | Jacob Salder | Simon Raby
In Pursuit of Economic Growth: Local Enterprise Partnerships (PPT)
Mark Gilman | Aineias Gkikas | Jacob Salder | Simon Raby
The Northern Powerhouse and the West Midlands Engine and the changing role of the LEPS in Entrepreneurial Governance in England :Will BREXIT and devolution deliver? (PPT) **RAKE 2015 PAPER**
John Shutt | Gill Bentley

Enterprise Education
Questioning the value of competition in entrepreneurship education (WP)
Catherine Brentnall | Ivàn Diego | Nigel Culkin
Enterprise education as a vehicle for school improvement (PPT)
Catherine Brentnall | Nigel Culkin
Stakeholder Engagement and the Enhanced Entrepreneurship of VET Graduates (WP)
Alex Rizzo |Silvio De Bono |David Kennely
Extracurricular enterprise activities in HE, students’ perceptions of their entrepreneurial behaviours, competencies and capability
Emily Beaumont | Sarah Preedy | Sarah Stevenson | Jane Morrison
A Model of Best Practice for a Pan European Residential Commercialisation Training Academy (CS)
Breda O’Dwyer | Joan Lockyer | Helena McMahon | Ian Bathgate | Tuomo Eskelinen
Do we need passionate teachers to foster entrepreneurship? (PPT)
Mohsen Tavakoli, Miruna Radu Lefebvre, Alain Fayolle, Christian Friedemann

Entrepreneurship in Minority Groups
Three Waves of Immigrant Entrepreneurship in the UK, Denmark and Norway: ‘The Displaced’, ‘the Transnational’ and ‘the Frustrated’
Naveed Yasin
Networks and Innovation
Adopting a holistic approach to understand the multiple drivers of firm-level innovation: Are SMEs different?
Helena Lenihan | Helen McGuirk
An Exploratory Study of Product User Networks to a Small Business’s Creativity (WP)
Gloria Appiah

Rural Enterprise
Palais Royal
Beyond Lifestyle and Profit: Reconceptualising Small Tourism Businesses
Annabelle McLaren-Thomson
Women’s Entrepreneurship: A Comparative study between the Rural & Urban Areas in Egypt
Mohamed Shohaieb | Mohamed Ahmed Qotb | Amal Abbas

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