ISBE 2016: Strategic Entrepreneurial Leadership


ISBE 2016: Day Two
Friday 28th October 2016
Novotel Paris Central Tour Eiffel

Workshop: Strategic Entrepreneurial Leadership
Michele Rusk, Northumbria University
Venue: Invalides

Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Round Table Discussion

Discussion Topic:
The Strategic Entrepreneurial Leadership Interface
– Towards a New Community of Interest

PROVOCATION STATEMENTS of 750 -1000 words submitted by October 19th to

Traditional business models are failing in the face of global complexity and competition. Almost 20 years ago Rosabeth Moss Kanter called for leaders to have “the imagination to innovate, the professionalism to perform, and the openness to collaborate’ (Moss Kanter 1997). In finding new approaches that are creative, innovative and effective, increasingly leaders are turning to knowledge-innovators to develop creative strategies for socio-economic value creation (Hamel 2007; Martin 2009).
Conventionally entrepreneurs were recognised as the founders of small businesses and in consequence the backbone of the economy. The notion of intrepreneurship expanded the context of the practice of entrepreneurship into the corporate environment. This was swiftly followed by a focus on the not- for- profit sector where social entrepreneurship was manifest. Whatever the form of entrepreneurship or the context in which it is practiced there is no doubt that entrepreneurs today are de facto leaders and vice versa. This ever increasing attention on Entrepreneurs Leadership, the operative word being leadership, as a means of raising entrepreneurial ambitions in a diverse range of circumstances has enabled entrepreneurial leaders to become the drivers of economic and social change and innovation, altering the future of work, the way organizations are designed, and redefining the dynamics of whole industries.

Key Questions:
What actually is Entrepreneurial Leadership and why is it important now?
Is Entrepreneurial Leadership key to shaping the future and if so what’s different about it?
Are we witnessing the rise of Entrepreneurial Leadership as an appropriate mechanism for navigating complexity?
What’s the role of Strategic Design in Entrepreneurial Leadership?
What are the unique Entrepreneurial Leadership competencies that are needed in academia, government, industry and civil society?
How can the university be a catalyst for Entrepreneurial Leadership and how is entrepreneurship manifest in academic enquiry, learning and practice?
What are the threshold concepts of upon which to scaffold Entrepreneurial Leadership education?

We are calling for Provocation statements that are expressions of original thought or a stance on any aspect of Entrepreneurial leadership. Typically the kernel of the concept can be communicated in a 5 minute presentation.
The Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Round Table Discussion is interested in any progressive, novel or original perspective on Entrepreneurial Leadership. However specific topics of interest are

• Shaping the Entrepreneurial Leaders of Tomorrow
• Strategic Entrepreneurial Leadership – the Design Imperative
• Entrepreneurial Leadership for New Economy Venturing
• The University as Entrepreneurial Leader
• A Strategic Entrepreneurial Approach to Academia Leadership
• The Role of Civic Entrepreneurial Leadership
• Aligning the Quadruple Helix to raise Entrepreneurial Ambition
• International Entrepreneurial Talent Management

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