ISBE 2018 Doctoral Day

Doctoral Day Programme

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Tuesday 6th November 2018
Location: International Centre for Transformational Entrepreneurship, Coventry University, 

The Doctoral Day will provide participants with an opportunity to listen to best practice from Entrepreneurship subject experts, plus network with PhD peers and build networks. The day will give attendees the opportunity to “test” their PhD’s concepts with a different audience. The Doctoral day will offer a poster session competition whereby doctoral candidates can submit a summary of their PhD to date and obtain feedback.
PhD Poster
Attendees are invited to submit a PhD poster as part of the Doctoral Day. During the Doctoral Day, attendees will have the opportunity to discuss their PhD through their poster with academics and fellow PhD students. The Poster will be presented on an A3 sized document and should detail the aims and objectives of the study, the key literature, the methodology and the contribution to knowledge. A prize will be awarded for the best poster in terms of imaginative design and critical content. Posters will be included in the ISBE conference proceedings and count as an academic output. Please submit a PDF version of your poster via email by Tuesday, 30th October, and bring an A3 paper copy to the Doctoral Day.

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Time Session Lead Session Title Session Purpose
9.30-9.45 (15) Paul Jones and Gideon Maas Introduction and COFFEE Introduction to the day from Professor Gideon Maas
9.45-10.25 (40) Paul Jones and Kayleigh Watson Meeting your PhD peers Network with your PhD community
10.25-10.50 (25) Luke Pittaway Creating systematic literature reviews This session will provide an overview of producing a systematic literature review
10.50-11.15 (25) Paul Jones Creating research impact This session will discuss the importance of creating research impact from your PhD
11.15-11.40 (25) Alistair Anderson Putting purpose into your publications This session will discuss how the idea of purpose can be used to shape and develop good papers and of course a good PhD. The session will plan to show how this relates to the critical issue of the contribution, but also to the other components of a paper.
11.40-12.05 (25) Monder Ram Doing Engaged Scholarship This session reflects on the practice of Engaged Scholarship
12.05- 1.20 (75) Paul Jones and Kayleigh Watson LUNCH and poster session LUNCH plus students get to discuss their posters with fellow students and academics
1.20-2.00 (40) Adah Onjewu

Cherisse Hoyte

Student success stories: why we completed our PhD This session recount tales from two recent PhD graduates and their advice on best practice
2.00-3.00 (60) Alistair Anderson

Paul Jones

Gerard McElwee

Claire Seaman



Meet the Journal Editors

Chaired by Kayleigh Watson

The session will allow you to question current Journal editors regarding best practice in academic publishing within the entrepreneurship discipline
3.00-3.15 COFFEE BREAK
3.15-3.40 (25) David Higgins Surviving the PhD viva The session will consider best practice and strategies to successfully navigate the PhD viva process
3.40-4.05 (25) Kayleigh Watson Taking the next Steps The transition from doctoral student to fully fledged early career academic presents challenges and opportunities. This session shares the experiences and ‘lessons learned’ of those who have recently made that transition. It provides practical advice, hints and tips on staying motivated, developing resilience and creating luck that will help participants to prepare for and navigate the ‘what now’ question which is posed by the end of a PhD process.
4.05-4.20 Paul Jones Conclusion and Prize giving This session will conclude the day and award best poster presentations