ISBE 2018 Sessions

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Business Support, Strategies and Practice
Meeting Room 6

How to design public incubator’s governance?
Fatiha Fort

Forming Business Support Policy – Case Study of the Bolton Committee
Robert Wapshott | Oliver Mallett

If you build it they still might not come: Entrepreneurial Ecosystems as Fields of Practice
Ben Spigel

Creative Industries Entrepreneurship
Meeting Room 3

La Sape Couture! A Constellation of Consuming Passion for Fashion, Power, and Entrepreneurial emergence at the Bottom of the Pyramid
Nnamdi Madichie

Behind the Game: Survival and Growth of Game Development Businesses
Zimu Xu

Entrepreneurial Identity and Education in Field of Mountain-Bike Training
Stephen Dobson | Peter McLuskie

Enterprise Education
Meeting Room 8

Narrative Research: Both a method and the phenomenon of study
Breda O’Dwyer | Pauric McGowan

A Phenomenological Exploration of the Challenges experienced by Entrepreneurship Educators in East Africa
Andrea Lane

Student experience of Undergraduate Venture Creation Programmes in the UK
Kelly Smith | Peter Shaw

Entrepreneurial Finance
Meeting Room 4

Entrepreneurial Finance SIG AGM

Monetizing New Music Ventures through Blockchain: Utopia or Dystopia?
Robyn Owen | Marcus O’Dair

Collaboration by venture capital firms: Issues with cross-border syndication in Europe and US
Keith Arundale

Entrepreneurship in Minority Groups
Meeting Room 1

The Scope and Effectiveness of Social Networks of Transnational Entrepreneurs
Haroon Muzaffar

Explaining the entrepreneurial Intentions of Chinese Students studying in Ireland
Antoinette Flynn | Naomi Birdthistle | Boyu Fang

A conceptual framework for Indian trans women entrepreneurs: the missing pieces in the study of gender and entrepreneurship
Roshni Narendran | Shamika Almedia

Does Ethnicity Still Matter? On the relation of second/third generation ethnic entrepreneurs and institutions
Nour Ibrahim

Family and Community Business
Executive Room 10

Intra-family Successors in India: The cognitive process that depicts how education and family opens the road to the formation of family business involvement intentions
Eftychia Palamida | Despoina Xanthopoulou | Alfredo de Massis | Sunil Shukla |Savvas Papagiannidis | Umesh Menon | Pankaj Bharti

The Entrepreneur who Became a Marionette – an Active Family Context
Hanna Astner

Building a firm-hosted online community
Thomas Cyron | Leona Achtenhagen

Freelancing, Solo Self-Employment and Gig Economy Working
Executive Room 2

Is the growth of solo self-employment in the UK (in part) a consequence of the declining quality of paid employment?
Andrew Henley

Self-employment and health: the mediating role of work-related stress
Jun Li |  Jingjing Qu | Ute Stephan

Preparing the Freelancers of the Future
Amy Gerrard | Isaac Amoako

The Career Development of Vocational Educated Solo Self-employed Workers – A Qualitative Study
Sjanne Marie van den Groenendaal | C. Fleisher

Gender and Enterprise
Vista Suite 1

Women Business Owners’ use of Co working spaces in Wales: Some preliminary evidence
David Pickernell | Nick Clifton | Carol Ekinsmyth | Anita Fuzi | Julienne Senyard

The Muslim woman entrepreneur through the lens of intersectionality
Nicole Lehmann

Gender and Entrepreneurs’ Resilience in Conflict-Affected Zones: Evidence from Afghanistan, Iraq and Palestine
Doaa Althalathini | Haya Al-Dajani | Nikolaos Apostolopoulos

Women Tech-Entrepreneurs Disrupting the norms in a masculine industry
Sally Jones | Elin Kubberöd | Inger Beate Petterson

Networks and Innovation
Executive Room 9

Bricolage, Maturity and the Small Firm: The Case of a Japanese Parts Supplier
Romano Dyerson | Robert Fitzgerald | Tatsuya Mishimagi

The Importance of Entrepreneurial Leadership for Socio-economic Value Creation
Michele Rusk | Edita Petrylaite

Self-Employment and the Relationship between Personality and Culture
Piers Thompson | Robert Huggins

Rural Enterprise
Meeting Room 5

Entrepreneurial Identity and Adoption of Precision Agricultural Tools
Marcello De Rosa | Felice Adinolfi | Luca Bartoli | Yari Vecchio | Margherita Masi

Food and Drink SME Internationalisation: Towards a Recipe for Success
Robert Bowen

The Urban-Rural Digital Divide: Investigating the Impact on Agribusiness in Wales
Wyn Morris | Robert Bowen

Taking a Systems Psychodynamic Approach to Family Farming: Uncovering Leadership in Action
Jane Glover | Kiran Trehan

Social, Environmental and Ethical Enterprise
Meeting Room 7

The ‘icing on the cake’? Social responsibility, voice and supporter engagement at the heart of professional football
Michael Bull | Geoff Whittam

Conceptualising the articulation of social mission: Can theory and practice be reconciled?
Kate Lewis | Colette Henry

Becoming and being a moral manager
Maria Wishart | Anja Schaefer | Kristen Reid


Business Support, Strategies and Practice
Meeting Room 6

University Industry Collaboration: Crafting A New Business Model through the Proximity Approach
Donatienne Delorme

Should SMEs collaborate in public sector tenders? Networks in bidding consortia
Jani Saastamoinen | Helen Reijonen | Timo Tammi

Employment effects of public innovation support measures for companies in Europe
Valentina Patrini

Creative Industries Entrepreneurship
Meeting Room 3

Informing Better Arts Education by Measuring Students’ Entrepreneurial Attitudes
Sylvia Jen

A Socio-Emotional Perspective on Entrepreneurial Ecosystems. The Dynamic Attributes of Edinburgh, City of Literature
Marta Bernal | Sarah Cooper

Creative Discipline Education Shaping Entrepreneurial Outcomes: methodology and student survey
Jacqueline Jenkins | Charlotte Carey | Cindy Millman | Mark Gilman

Mitigating Precarity in the Creative Industries
Adrian Wright | Dorota Marsh | Gemma Wibberley

Enterprise Education
Meeting Room 8

Promoting Authentic Learners through ‘withness’ Entrepreneurship Education
Deema Refai | Rita Klapper | David Higgins | Alain Fayolle

Trends in Entrepreneurship Education: Innovation Infrastructure
Luke Pittaway | Michelle Ferrier | Rachida Aissaoui | Paul Mass

Idea to Start-up: evaluation of the Evolve Programme for Entrepreneurs
Gabriela Matouskova | Hanna-Mari Pulli | Paul Jones

The why and how of entrepreneurial action: An integrative model based on individual values and action theory
Carlos Morales

Entrepreneurial Finance
Meeting Room 4

A preliminary approach to the study of the Crowdfunding in Latin America from the platform
Gianni Romaní | Bastián Castillo | Andrea Lécon | Luis Miguel Rodrigo | Pía Cáceres

Is alternative finance the panacea for early stage SMEs? The UK case for improved regional policy coordination
Robyn Owen | Colin Mason | Yannis Pierrakis

Entrepreneurial Finance Journey: A new Perspective on the Finance Escalator
Ekaterina Murzacheva | Jonathan Levie

SME Alternative Finance for Bank Rejects
Eimear McGeown

Entrepreneurial Practitioner Learning (2.30pm start time)
Vista Suite 2

Entrepreneurial Psychological Capital – The Factor Structure
Peter Pease | James Cunningham | Clare Cook

Inductive research in SME development and growth: a diagnostic approach
Jacob Salder | Mark Gilman

Entrepreneurship in Minority Groups
Meeting Room 1

Managing Regulatory Change in the Informal Economy: Small Firms and the National Living Wage
Monder Ram | Paul Edwards | Gugliemo Meardi | Maria Villares-Varela | Sabina Doldor

Barriers Facing New Venture Creation for Refugee Entrepreneurs
Chanel Bikorimana | Darinka Asenova | Geoff Whittam

The intersection of ethnic identity and entrepreneurial identity: an exploration rooted in the voices of African Immigrants in the UK
Tayo Korede | Andreas Giazitzoglu

Intercultural Entrepreneurship: a New Dynamic for Education?
David Rae

Family and Community
Executive Room 10

Are sustainability and responsibility central to family businesses dominant logics nexus?
Natalia Vershinina | Claire Seaman | Allan Discua Cruz | Carole Howorth

Creating a Copreneurial drama: Looking through a dramaturgical lens to interpret copreneurial start-up
Angela Carradus

Segmenting the self-employed: Implications for engaging with financial planning
Jane Lessiter | P. Borden | J. Freeman

Gender and Enterprise
Vista Suite 1

Female Entrepreneurship in Later Life
Isabella Moore

Strong structuration theory: a way to further contextualize entrepreneurship research
Nermin Elkafrawi | Annie Roos | Gerard McElwee | Deema Elrefai

Gender Equality as a Mediator of National Culture and Women’s Ownership of Business
Cristiana Kamais | Robert Engle

Constructivist Grounded Theory and Ethnography: Merging Methodologies for Research on Marginalized Female Entrepreneurs
Christine Samy

Networks and Innovation
Executive Room 9

Opening Innovation Doors through Digital Platforms: Ethnographic Insights
John Barker | Nick Clifton | Gareth Loudon

Exploratory study on the Innovation activities of Saudi Hotel SMEs
Ibrahim Hamad Alyaha | Lakshmi Narasimhan Vedanthachari

The legacy of luxury sporting events for start up and innovation: The case of repeat hosting of the America’s cup in Auckland
Stefania Romano | Colleen Mills

Rural Enterprise
Meeting Room 5

A Research Agenda for Terroir
Guy Leedon

Entrepreneurial agency in context and practice; reviving the rural
Johan Gaddefors | Alistair Anderson

Understanding the role of dynamic capabilities play within UK rural micro-enterprises
Karen Wilson | Shelley Harrington | Alex Kevill

Marketing for Equine Complementary Therapists and Stakeholder Groups for Success
Julie McKeown | Nerys Fuller-Love

Social, Environmental and Ethical Enterprise
Meeting Room 7

Exploring the relationship between Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Public Procurement
Kim Loader

Uncovering the Microfoundations of Ecological Learning Capability in Pakistan’s leatherworking SMEs
Aqueel Wahga | Richard Blundel | Anja Schefer

CSR logics of SMEs: The case of F&B service and construction sectors in Malaysia
Juan Lee Soon | Robert Blackburn | Dirk De Clercq | Marfuga Iskandarova

Nemesis: A social alternative to enterprise education as usual
Catherine Brentnall | Cliff Southcombe


Business Creation, Early Stage Development and Business Closure
Executive Room 10

Human Capital and Entrepreneurial Intention in Deprived Areas
Yuxi Zhao

Can Nudging Assist in the Promotion of Entrepreneurship?
Beulah Maas | Gideon Maas

Entrepreneurial well-being during the venture creation process: a delicate balance of conflict vs trust
Shivani Mehta | Sarah Dodd

Business Support, Strategies and Practice
Meeting Room 6

Towards the economic and social integration of refugees: A Comparison of the Economic, Social and Policy Context for refugee entrepreneurship in the U.K. and Germany
Marilena Schmich | Jay Mitra

Management of Self-management in Governmental mentoring programs for entrepreneurs
Ulrika Sjödin | Maria Bogren

Makerspaces as an incubation model: implications for policy and practice
Declan Scully

Hybridity and the rise and fall of Business Link
Kevin Mole

Enterprise Education
Meeting Room 8

Extracurricular enterprise activities as a vehicle for entrepreneurial learning: examining experiential, social and self-directed learning outcomes
Sarah Preedy | Paul Jones | Hilary Duckett | Gideon Maas

Implementation of Learning Communities within Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Education Modules
David Bozward

Towards a Simple Philosophy of Enterprise/Entrepreneurship Education and Associated Signature Pedagogy
Colin Jones

The Logic, Antecedents and Promise of Andragogy and Heutagogy for Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Education
Colin Jones | Kathryn Penaluna | Andrew Penaluna

Entrepreneurial Finance
Meeting Room 4

An Exploratory Study into the Alternative SME Lenders Operating in Northern Ireland
Emer Gallagher | Elaine Ramsey | Derek Bond

Understanding How Startups Use Rewards-Based Crowdfunding
Emma Green

Examination of the Entrepreneurial finance opportunities for Venture Philanthropy in Saudi Arabia from an Institutional Perspective
Mohammad Alshammari

SME growth and bank financing for impact. Empirical evidence
Richmond Lamptey

Entrepreneurial Practitioner Learning
Vista Suite 2

Making Decisions for Small Business Growth: A Cognitive Style Approach
Marian Evans

Promotion and Participation of Saudi Universities towards the Development of Entrepreneurial Leadership – An Empirical Study in Saudi Arabian Context
Hassan Qusadi Almahdi | Syed Md Faisal Ali Khan

Creative Action and Four Types of Entrepreneurial Confidence
Christian Walsh | Paul Knott

Entrepreneurship in Minority Groups
Meeting Room 1

Who works in the migrant economy? The diffuse boundaries of formal and informal work
Maria Villares-Varela | Monder Ram | Trevor Jones

The Role of ‘Duality’ and ‘Hybridity’ in South Asian Entrepreneurship in the UK
Sunita Dewitt

Gender and Enterprise
Vista Suite 1

Social capital for the development of women’s enterprises
Maria Bogren

When Women Leave Corporate Career to Enter Entrepreneurship in Denmark
Helle Neergaard

Mapping the Intellectual Structure of Women’s Entrepreneurship Research: A Bibliometric Analysis
Manuel Castriotta | Lene Foss | Colette Henry | Michela Loi

The societal effect: examining gender, religious, cultural and ethnic stereotypes upon female social housing residents in an entrepreneurial context
Sundas Hussain | Charlotte Carey

International Entrepreneurship
Executive Room 2

An evaluation of Total Entrepreneurial Activity and Entreprenerial Intention in African regions using Fuzzy-Set Qualitative Comparative Analysis (fsQCA)
Paul Jones | Malcolm Benyon | Gideon Maas | David Pickernell

SME Internationalisation through digitalisation: UK Specialist and Niche Retailers
Brenda Patil

Does Early Internationalisation Promote Performance Advantages for SMEs Post Start-Up?
Andrew Johnston | Daniel Prokop

Increasing the number of Scottish International Businesses
Jonathan Slow | Margaret Fletcher

Rural Enterprise
Meeting Room 5

Multiplier Effects of the Craft Beer Industry
Ciarán Mac an Bhaird | Juliette Wilson | Michael Danson

Does business ownership improve economic conditions and wellbeing in Uganda?
George Saridakis | Anne-Marie Mohammed | Rebeca I. Muñoz Torres | Robert Blackburn

The character of rural firms and their embeddedness in local community
Richard Ferguson | Johan Gaddefors | Iryna Kristensen

Policies and Strategies for Rural Entrepreneurship in the Least Developed Countries
John Struthers | Dina Nziku

SME Growth and Performance: Quantitative Perspectives
Executive Room 9

An fsQCA analysis of SMEs’ Growth and Innovation Intentions at English Local Enterprise Partnership Level
David Pickernell | Malcolm Benyon | Paul Jones | Shuangfa Huang

Understanding Constraints to Science and Innovation in SMEs. A Necessary First Step for Science and Innovation Policy
Mauricio Eduardo Perez Alaniz | Helena Lenihan | Justin Doran

Social, Environmental and Ethical Enterprise
Meeting Room 7

Issues concerning the development and scaling of social enterprises – two case studies of co-operative artisan food manufacturers in France
Simon Adderley

The Rise of Hybrids: A Case Study of a Social Entrepreneurial Venture
Paulami Mitra

Entrepreneurship and Societal Impact
Ernestine Ning | Shariq Sheikh

Mapping the Eco-system of Social Enterprising
Angelo P. Bisignano | Maria De Avillez

Technology Entrepreneurship
Meeting Room 3

Institutional Environment and E-commerce Development in SMEs in Developing Countries: Evidence from Nigeria
Ignatius Ekanem

Digital Entrepreneurship – Why the ‘digital’?
Kisito Futonge Nzembayie | Anthony Paul Buckley

An examination of Social Media supporting the Innovation Process
Martin Beckinsale

The Role of a Digital Hub in University-Industry Collaboration
Andrew Hirst


Business Creation, Early Stage Development and Business Closure
Executive Room 2

Are We Ignorant About Enterprise?
Simon Bridge

The Construction of Entrepreneurial Identity during Pre-Venture Formation
Cherisse Hoyte | Hannah Noke

Family entrepreneurial teams: business modelling and entrepreneurial learning during business start-up
Ossie Jones | Benito Giordano

Marketing Practices in the Entrepreneurial Process – Identities at Work
Hanna Astner | Johan Gaddefors

Creative Industries Entrepreneurship SIG Research Workshop and AGM
Meeting Room 3 

Shaping your research journey: From ISBE to publication.
Have you got conference papers languishing unpublished? What happens when you get back after the ISBE conference? Are you keen to help build critical mass of published research in the field of Creative industries Entrepreneurship research?

If this is you, then join us for a fun and enlightening creative session to boost and help direct your route to publication, while contributing to this dynamic field of research.

Enterprise Education
Meeting Room 8

Entrepreneurial Learning Through Collaboration: The Case for Live Projects
Nicolette Michels

Does Entrepreneurship Skill Mediate Entrepreneurial Intention in a Turbulent Environment?
Oluwaseun Kolade

Entrepreneurial Practitioner Learning
Vista Suite 2

SME Growth in a Recession: Contextualised Customer Focus Strategy
Milan Gyanwali

Open entrepreneurship: a new dynamic for creating value?
David Rae

Learning to become an entrepreneurial practitioner at university – getting off to a good start, or A Conceptual Framework for Entrepreneurship Education
Lucy Hatt

Honouring the ordinary: practice as holding space for reflection and learning
Rachelle Andrews | Jana Filosof

Freelancing, Solo Self-Employment and Gig Economy Working
Executive Room 10 

What Do Starting Motives Say About Solo Self-employed Workers?
Sjanne Marie van den Groenendaal | S. Rossetti | M. van de Bergh | T.A. M. Kooij | C. Freese | R. Poell

Case Study of Agile Processes Implementation in the Gig-Economy
Alan Pooley | Jin Chan

Gender and Enterprise
Vista Suite 1

Entrepreneurship and Identity: The case for forcibly displaced migrants
Ketch Adeeko | Susan Marlow | Lorna Treanor

The role of ‘significant others’ in the gendered social construction of entrepreneurial identity and narrative
Robert Smith | Lorraine Warren

Performing Masculinity Through Enterprise: Syrian Male Refugee Artisans in Jordan
Haya Al-Dajani | Marta Hawkins | Geoff Wilson | Hoayda Darkal

Female entrepreneurship: a navigation of the field and ways forward
Vladi Finotto | Bede Akorige Atarah

International Entrepreneurship
Meeting Room 1

What Drives Enterprise Growth Within Transitional Economies? Evidence from Bandung, Indonesia
Aineias Gkikas

The Impact of Foreign Influence on Exporting through Open Innovation
Wenyu Zang |Piers Thompson

Do Institutions Matter in Different Phases of Entrepreneurship? A Multi-Country Study
Claudia Alvarez | Tatiana Lopez | David Urbano

The relationship between training and performance in internationalised and non-internationalised SMEs: Is it different?
Bochra Idris | George Saridakis

Networks and Innovation
Executive Room 9

Innovating into trouble: When innovation leads to customer resistance
Jane Bourke | Stephen Roper

The relationship between the performance of knowledge management and SMEs innovation activities
Hartmut-Heinrich Meyer | Thomas Heupel | Bastian Paulsen

Industry 4.0 is coming: Is digital adoption a new mechanism linking entrepreneurial ambition to business performance? Evidence from micro-businesses in the UK, Ireland and USA
Jane Bourke |Stephen Roper

Rural Enterprise
Meeting Room 5

Challenges of Sustainable Rural Enterprise Development in North Sri Lanka
Jeyald Antony

Escaping the Iron Cage: Entrepreneurial Behaviour of Syrian Refugees
Deema Refai | John Lever | Radi Haloub |Jamil Samawi


Business Creation, Early Stage Development and Business Closure
Executive Room 2

Promotion of entrepreneurial activities by the entrepreneurial eco-system. GEM Data Analysis between Germany and Slovakia
Hartmut-Heinrich Meyer | Bastian Paulsen | Thomas Heupel

Small Business Failure: Bad Luck or Dice Thrown? An Empirical Investigation In The Context of Saudi Arabia
Motaz Alsolaim

‘Going out on your own’: Modelling Emergent Entrepreneuring in the Construction Industry
Colleen Mills

Technology Angel Investors – the Role of Customer Validation and Pivoting
Gregory Fleet | Daniel Doiron

Creative Industries Entrepreneurship
Meeting Room 3

Funding the Creative Industries Start-up in Emerging Markets
Jurry Hatammimi | Nora Amelda Rizal

Measuring entrepreneurial orientation of firms in the creative and cultural sector
Jin Chan | Hooi Hooi Lean

Collaborative Conversation in researching Creative Industries Entrepreneurship: the key to impact and publication
Stefania Romano | Charlotte Carey

Developing Creative Business & Entrepreneurial Ecosystems to Influence Cultural Policy
Jan Brown |Ian Fillis

Enterprise Education
Meeting Room 8

Constructing Stories: Narrative analysis as a method for exploring identity within entrepreneurship education
Kellie Forbes-Simpson

Problematising the Philosophical Foundations of Entrepreneurship Education: from Invisible College to Echo Chamber
Catherine Brentnall | David Higgins

Entrepreneurship education and entrepreneurial behaviour in disadvantaged sub-Saharan African communities
Paschal Anosike

Entrepreneurial Finance
Meeting Room 4

Designing a pro-poor credit risk management system for financial inclusiveness: An empirical analysis
Victor Atiase | Joan Lockyer

Exploring the key drivers in Reward based Capital Crowdfunding for the crowd to invest in Start-ups
Ying Zhao | Phil Harris | Wing Lam

External management accounting in small and medium-sized enterprises
Serap Demiroez | Thomas Heupel

Entrepreneurial Practitioner Learning
Vista Suite 2

Evaluating Entrepreneurial Learning from Failure Through a Grief Lens
Adam Shore | Luke Pittaway | Thomas Bortolotti

Understanding the Process of Leader Transitions in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises
Simon Raby | Julie Choi

Exploring Owner Managers’ Disparate World Views About People Management
Charles Dahwa

Stimulating learning in micro-business owners through introducing external perspectives
Fiona Whitehurst | Paul Richter | Leigh Sear

Gender and Enterprise
Vista Suite 1 

Man’s and Women’s trading worlds: exploring interrelation between marketplace and home-based enterprises in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
Muhammad Khan

Exploring the Characteristics for Success of female-owned business venture in Southern Thailand
Thathira Siriphan | Seng Kok | Seamus O’Brien

Navigating Entrepreneurial Leadership Through Discursive Blending: Women’s Experiences of Gender
Nicola Patterson

Arab Entrepreneurs Gender and Careers Success
Hayfaa Tlaiss | Helle Neergaard

Enhancing Female Engagement in Community Enterprise Initiatives
Fiona Hesselden

International Entrepreneurship
Meeting Room 1

Leveraging Embeddedness in Accelerator Networks – A Study of Internationalizing Startups
Anette Kairikko | Luca Cacciolatti | Spinder Dhaliwal

Does Guanxi Help or Hinder Entrepreneurial Orientation: A Study of the Impact of Guanxi on Chinese Entrepreneur’s Business Performance?
Joan Lockyer | Jessica An | Gerry Urwin

Bricolage as a Strategy for Business Development Amongst Entrepreneurs in Resource Constrained Environments: A Tale of Two Cuban Hairdressers
Declan Scully

Public Sector Entrepreneurship
Meeting Room 5 

First Steps towards Hybrid Forms of Service Provision in Municipalities
Satu Aaltonen | Tanja Lepistö |Ulla Hytti

Public Sector Entrepreneurship in a Post Recession Pre-Brexit Ireland?
Josephine Browne

A Framework for Understanding Opportunity Recognition Process in the UK Entrepreneurial Universities
Alvin Aldawod

SME Growth and Performance: Quantitative Perspectives
Executive Room 9

Persistence and impact of high growth on profits: the case of young firms
Joan-Lluís Capelleras | Juan Federico

Management Capability, Business Support and the Performance Micro-businesses in the UK
Andrew Henley | Meng Song

Social, Environmental and Ethical Enterprise
Meeting Room 7

Narrating The ‘Social’: The Storytelling Of Pakistan’s Social Entrepreneurs In A Changing Society
James Cunningham | Lin Xiong | Sohail Younis | Hina Hashim

Social Value Creation within Social Enterprise Places: A Case Study of the Cities of Salford and Plymouth
Fredrick Ogunoye | Morven G. McEachern | Kevin Kane

Social entrepreneurship as an intentional career choice for women
Sarah Stevenson

The decline of charities in Kent: How charity is pursuing an extended growth in its lifecycle?
Ihator Brown | Jin Chan

Technology Entrepreneurship
Meeting Room 6

Business incubators and development-led entrepreneurship: a focus on entrepreneurial path-creation
Michael Ngoasong |Sam Njinyah | Richmond Lamptey

Determinant Factors of Internet Marketing Adoption: An Exploratory Study of Iranian SMEs in Distribution Sector
Sepideh Zahiri | Hatem El-Gohary | Javed Hussain

Investigating You Tube Entrepreneurship
Amy Gerrard


Business Creation, Early Stage Development and Business Closure
Executive Room 2

Pre-Accelerator Program Efficacy: The Venture Validation Program – A Longitudinal Study
Gregory Fleet | Daniel Doiron

Understanding HRM in SMEs: An Application of Event Systems Theory
Brian Harney | Simon Raby

Joining The Dots: The Relationship Between Key Growth Factors in Small Firms
Samantha Burvill | Louisa Huxtable-Thomas

Enterprise Education
Meeting Room 8

Academics Living Labs: From traditional teaching to student empowerment
Augusto Nobre | Carlos Abreu | Zulmara Carvalho | Efrain Pantaleon | Felipe Zumba | Heitor Oliveira | Jefferson Rafael Lira | Naiara Oliveira | Rayane Cãmara | Pamella Freitas | Uderlan França | Allyson Diniz

An Ecosystem Approach to Entrepreneurship Education and Entrepreneurial Campuses
Su-Hyun Berg | Jay Mitra

The Benefits and Impact of using Online Journals in Higher Education Enterprise Education
Janette Young

Entrepreneurial Finance
Meeting Room 4

An empirical analysis of the role of Foreign Venture Capital investments in the company’s likelihood to exit
Yannis Pierrakis | Babangida Kure Yohanna

Financial Practices and Perceptions of SME Growth Business owners
Yolanda Gibb

The Geography of Foreign Venture Capital Investments (FVCI) in UK Regions
Babangida Kure Yohanna | Yannis Pierrakis

Are Business Accelerators Effective?
Ciarán Mac an Bhaird | Nouf Ainasser

Entrepreneurial Practitioner Learning
Vista Suite 2

Researcher Learning through social poetics: self reflexivity within a dialogical framework of methodological practice
Barbara Wilczek | David Higgins | Deema Refai

Entrepreneurship; an anticipatory perspective
Ted Fuller | Elena Antonacopoulou

Deepening the practise of Engaged scholarship: Critical reflective practices in food supply chains
Jane Glover | Anne Touboulic | Kiran Trehan

Beyond Scarce Resources: Conceptualising Small Firm Tendering Capability
Paula Turner | Julia Rouse

Gender and Enterprise
Vista Suite 1

The role of microfinance institutional logics in the women’s entrepreneurship development
Samia Mahmood | Seemab Ara Farooqi

Rethinking Sustainability and Small Scale African Female Entrepreneurs
Ernestine Ning

Tanzanian Women Entrepreneurship: Does SMEs Strategies Contribute to Women Entrepreneurship Policy
Dina Nziku

Federal Procurement as a Policy Lever to Support Innovation and SME Growth
Barbara Orser | Allan Riding | Diane Liao | Jérome Catimel | Quang Dong

International Entrepreneurship
Meeting Room 1

Evaluating competing theorizations of informal entrepreneurship: a perspective from Pakistan
Muhammad Shehryar

Evaluating Business Exit: A Country Level Analysis using fsQCA
David Pickernell | Malcolm Beynon | Paul Jones | Martina Battisti

SMEs internationalisation: When does innovation matter?
George Saridakis | Bochra Idris | Jared M Hansen | Léo-Paul Dana

Managerial attributes and collaborative behaviours as determinants of export propensity: Evidence from Turkish SMEs
Ali Kemal Celik | Mohamed Yacine Haddoud | Adah Onjewu

SME Growth and Performance: Quantitative Perspectives
Executive Room 9

Doubly Disadvantaged: Gender, Community Deprivation and Entrepreneurial Activity
Sreevas Sahasranamam | Ekaterina Murzacheva | Jonathan Levie

Getting transformational advice: perception and matching performance
Kevin Mole | Robyn Owen | David North

When innovation best improves performance of SME manufacturing firms
George Saridakis | Grammatoula Papaioannou | Bochra Idris | Jared M. Hansen

Social, Environmental and Ethical Enterprise
Meeting Room 7

Community management of scarce natural resources in NE Kenya: the role of collective memory
Matthew Snell | Jim McAuley

SME effects of a transition environment: Brexit and the Green sector
Jacob Salder | Sundas Hussain

Technology Entrepreneurship
Meeting Room 6

Great Expectations: Entrepreneurship Education to promote STEMM Women’s Entrepreneurial and Commercialisation Activity
Lorna Treanor

Fostering Technology Entrepreneurs’ Career Choice: an Empirical Study Amongst Chinese University Students
Yifan Wang | Pauric McGowan