ISBE 2019 workshop – Opportunities for Psychology in Entrepreneurship Research

1pm – 2pm, Thursday, November the 14th
Invicta Suite, Crowne Plaza Newcastle

Facilitator: Professor Sukanlaya Sawang, Director of Research, Coventry University & Chair, ISBE Psychology of Entrepreneurship & Small Business Community of Interest

This workshop will bring together researchers who are interested in psychology theories/aspects in entrepreneurship research, in order to stimulate cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural collaborations.

There is a growing interest in bringing psychology theories to explain the entrepreneurship process, entrepreneurial teams, entrepreneurship as a career choice, entrepreneurial behaviours, entrepreneurial attributes and personalities, etc. Yet, the research of psychology in entrepreneurship is a relative young field that has much to offer in unpacking the entrepreneurial process and mindset.

This workshop welcomes all researchers who are interested in the psychology of entrepreneurship, and/or those who are currently (or will be) doing entrepreneurship research with an element of psychology.

This interactive workshop aims to discuss the following:

– Method challenges and opportunities in the psychological study of entrepreneurship

– Development of a research network among researchers who are interested in the cross-disciplinarity between psychology and entrepreneurship

– Proposing research collaborations, including a special issue in a leading journal

The workshop will be followed by the AGM of the new Community of Interest to which all existing and prospective members are warmly invited.

Psychology of Entrepreneurship and Small Business logoThis workshop is sponsored by ISBE and its Psychology of Entrepreneurship and Small Business Community of Interest (PES).