Dr Andrew MacLaren, Heriot-Watt University

Dr David C. Roach, Dalhousie University

This track caters for a wide variety of topics relating to either innovation and/or networks in small businesses. Innovation in small businesses might, for example, include papers that just focus on investigating how small firms develop new products, processes, services or technologies. An element of these investigations would probably examine the sorts of coordination mechanisms employed by small firms to foster innovation like organizational structures, incentives, organizational cultures, leadership styles etc. Research investigating how business networking positively enhances innovativeness or certain types of innovation would be welcome as well. Networking papers would investigate the social interaction between small business actors and the importance of social capital for enhancing small-business performance.

For further guidance on submitting papers to this track you may consider covering the following topics: Small Business and Entrepreneurship Policy; Knowledge Transfer and Exchange through Networks: Clusters; Managing Complex Environments: the value of networks and relationships; Supply Chain Management/Supplier diversity; Collaboration and Innovation; Innovation and entrepreneurship; Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship; Business Models; and Science and Technology.