Thank you to those who submitted a poster for the doctoral day competition.

An ISBE certificate was awarded for the best poster in terms of novelty, impact, imaginative design and critical content. The winner was Abdullah al Mamun, Newcastle University.

Winner: Abdullah Al Mamun

Title: Source of inspiration or source of tension: the role of place in sustainable entrepreneurship in developing contexts

Highly Commended

Wafa Alosimi, Aston University. Ilaria Spiteri Axiak, MCAST and Julia Thomason, Birmingham City University  all  received a highly commended certificate as  runners up.

Wafa Alosimi – Title: Innovation and Growth aspiration: Applying a cross-cultural perspective.

Ilaria Spiteri Axiak – Title: Attitudes to soft skills training in small and micro businesses.

Julia Thomason – Title: Intrapreneurship in Museums: The embedded ‘culturepreneur’ seeking sustainable growth in unexpected places.

Congratulations to all!

Best Poster Winner

Abdullah al Mamun, Newcastle University

Highly Commended

Ilaria Spiteri Axiak, MCAST

Julia Thomason, Birmingham City University