ISBE 2017: 40th Anniversary Plenary Session


ISBE 2017
40th Anniversary Plenary Session
Wednesday, 8th November, 16.00 – 17.30
Grand Ballroom, Europa

Renewing Bridges and Building Communities – Entrepreneurship and new positions in applied engagement and research


Interest in the field of entrepreneurship has developed exponentially in the last three decades, and scholars, researchers and practitioners have sought to explore the subject area across a range of multi-disciplinary fields of study to generate new research approaches and concepts. These new and expanding research agenda span not just a diverse set of subject areas from management to sociological reasoning, but also an ever-expanding set of global networks and scholars. The exceptional growth of this cross-disciplinary research field inevitably makes it difficult for researchers/scholars in any one area to become aware of, and understand, the leading contributions and insights emerging in each respective discipline.

The aim of this 40th anniversary plenary session is to advance the way we think about, and engage with, various aspects of entrepreneurial practice and development. By drawing inspiration from leading academics in the field, the multidisciplinary nature of the field offers so many differing perspectives and points of debate. The community session will be of interest to academics, practitioners, and policy makers who are interested in developing leading edge research and practice. Participants will have an opportunity to exchange and share ideas and practice.

Questions are sought in advance from conference delegates and ISBE members (please send your question to us at ), and during the session via Twitter when using the hashtag #isbe2017.

Session Format

16.00 – 16.10 Welcome
16.10 – 17.00 ‘Question Time’ panel session, chaired by journalist Sarah Travers.

ISBE Fellows’ Panel Members

Nigel Lockett, Sue Marlow, Lynn Martin, David Storey

The Fellows’ Panel will address questions presented by the Panel Chair. Questions will be a combination of opening questions given to our Panel in advance; questions from the audience (in person and via real-time Twitter); and from ISBE members submitted prior to the conference.

Expert Discussants’ Panel Members

Rob Blackburn, Ossie Jones, Monder Ram, Julia Rouse

The Expert Discussants will serve a critical need, developing the level of discussion based on the questions posed to the panel on the stage. As leading experts in their particular field, the expert discussants will comment on how the discussions impact their particular subject expertise.

During the session, the chair will call upon members of the audience to put their question to the panel and will give each member an opportunity to answer the question and respond to each other’s points.

Those submitting questions in advance should use the following themes that will be discussed on the day:

Key Themes
Practice – How can academic practice contribute to supporting UK businesses (entrepreneurs/SMEs)? (How can we make research meaningful to practitioners?)
Research – What are the key challenges for University Entrepreneurship Research Centres and their engagement with Business at the current time?
Policy – How best can UK SMEs address the challenges posed by Brexit?

17.00 – 17.15 Wrap Up