ISBE 2017: Entrepreneurship Policy Workshop


ISBE 2017 Workshop
Wednesday, 8th November, 13.00

Supporting Small Businesses: What should ISBE be doing during 2017/18?


During ISBE 2016, a first workshop on policy formulation was organised and well-attended.  During the ISBE 2016 workshop, the need was expressed that annual workshops on policy formulation should be organised – especially focusing on what ISBE can do to influence it positively.

This second workshop during ISBE 2017 will focus on what the role of ISBE, universities and industry should be in promoting an ecosystems that can support innovation and the scaling up of small businesses especially in a post-Brexit environment.


An initial theoretical input of 15 minutes on policy matters will be provided by the facilitators.  This will be followed by an interactive discussion with participants guided by the following process questions:

  • What has ISBE done to promote policy formulation during 2016/17?
  • What are the critical issues in innovation and scaling up of businesses?
  • What are the most important issues on which policy matters should focus the next year?
  • How can ISBE support this process of improved policy formulation?

Workshop facilitators


This workshop will facilitate the creation of a policy agenda for ISBE to act on during the coming year.