ISBE 2017: Strategic Entrepreneurial Leadership Workshop


ISBE 2017 Lunchtime Workshop
Wednesday, 8th November, venue tbc


Conference Strategic Entrepreneurial Leadership Breakout Session
Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Round Table Discussion

Discussion Topic:
Entrepreneurial Leadership as a Catalyst for Transformative Change
– The Strategic Design Imperative

Facilitator: Michele Rusk, Northumbria University (email: )

The term Entrepreneurial Leadership, sometimes applied to expert entrepreneurs, specifically refers to those who can motivate others to join in wholesale change. As such they are the drivers of economic and social change and innovation, altering the future of work, the way organizations are designed, and redefining the dynamics of whole industries and places. They are often the inspiration for the formation whole new ecosystems; the catalysts for raising entrepreneurial ambitions in a diverse range of circumstances; be it within Universities, government department, large corporations or even in civil society.

The Strategic Entrepreneurial Leadership (SEL) Group launched the 1st Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Round Table Discussion at the 39th Annual ISBE Conference in Paris in 2016.

In his opening remarks, the President of ISBE said,

‘Leadership lies at the core of the entrepreneurial process. Persistent success in that process depends on leaders who are fundamentally entrepreneurial in their attitudes and actions’

Professor Pauric McGowan, President of ISBE 2016-2017

The event was initiated and chaired by Michele Rusk, Leader of Strategic Entrepreneurial Leadership (SEL) Research Group Newcastle Business School, Northumbria University. It attracted cutting- edge views and original thoughts in the form of Provocation Statements from leading academics and scholars in the field.  All provocation statements were edited into a Strategic Entrepreneurial Leadership Position Document.

These were presented and debated during the event and addressed topics including:-
– Design-Led Entrepreneurship
– Entrepreneurial Universities and Entrepreneurial Leaders
– Connecting Civic Entrepreneurship to Integrative Public Leadership
– International Entrepreneurial Talent Management

This 1st SEL Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Round Table Discussion stimulated lively debate leading to a consensus of the timely nature and appropriateness of the subject of Entrepreneurial Leadership in dealing with the complex global events that are the hallmark of our times.

Building on this success we will hold the 2nd SEL Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Debate at this year’s ISBE Conference in Belfast. For this, we are refining our focus to consider how Entrepreneurial Leaders deploy strategy, design thinking and innovation in different contexts.

Again we are calling for Provocation Statements to add to and augment those in our existing Strategic Entrepreneurial Leadership Position Document; which is the foundation for a dedicated Entrepreneurial Leadership special edition.

Key Questions:
What is the role of Strategic Design Thinking in socio-economic value creation?
What are the emerging contexts where the practice of Entrepreneurial Leadership is most valuable?
How do Entrepreneurial Leaders achieve transformative change in practice?
Who are the Entrepreneurial Leaders in place- based innovation?
How does Entrepreneurial Leadership act as a mobilising force to raise entrepreneurial ambition?
How do Entrepreneurial Leaders galvanise participatory action and stimulate innovation?
Do Entrepreneurial Leaders employ open systems networks; if so How?

We are calling for Provocation statements that are expressions of original thought or a stance on any aspect of Entrepreneurial leadership. Typically, the kernel of the concept can be communicated in a 5 minute presentation.
The Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Round Table Discussion is interested in any progressive, novel or original perspective on Entrepreneurial Leadership.

However, specific topics of interest for the Belfast Conference are:-
• Strategic Entrepreneurial Leadership – the Strategic Design Imperative
• Shaping future Entrepreneurial Leaders through International Talent Management
• Entrepreneurial Leadership  in  Creative Economy Venturing
• The University as Civic Entrepreneurial Leader
• A Strategic Design Approach to Academia Entrepreneurial Leadership
• Raising Entrepreneurial Ambition through Smart Specification Platforms
• Open Innovation for Technology Entrepreneurial Leadership
• Responsible Transformational Entrepreneurial Leadership


Associate Professor Innovation and Entrepreneurial Leadership
Co-Chair ISBE Annual Conference 2019
Leader of SEL – Strategic Entrepreneurial Leadership Research Community
Newcastle Business School, Northumbria University, Newcastle- upon -Tyne.
Tel: +44(0)7887500355