New Psychology of Entrepreneurship and Small Business COI launches

As the attention from researchers, practitioners and policy makers on the psychological aspects of entrepreneurship booms, ISBE launches a new Community of Interest devoted to understanding how psychological constructs can enhance (or impede) the effectiveness of entrepreneurship, small business and self-employment.

Led by Associate Professor Sukanlaya Sawang of the University of Leicester, the new COI will connect communities who are keen to explore the psychology of entrepreneurship and small business. It will provide research which is relevant to the current context that looks forward to shaping the policies and practices that improve the quality of work-life amongst entrepreneurs, small business owners and self-employed individuals.

The new COI aims to:

  1. Advance research in entrepreneurship and small business in the area of psychology and entrepreneurial behaviours
  2. Connect researchers and communities to promote applied research that enhances the quality of life in entrepreneurship and small business
  3. Propose ways to shape/reform the policies and practices that support entrepreneurs, small business owners and the self-employed.

Professor Sawang comments, ‘Small business owner-managers are particularly vulnerable to psychological health challenges. Topics such as work-life balance, uncertainty coping mechanism, ability to bounce back from failure, and entrepreneurial leadership, can be useful to advance our knowledge in small business and entrepreneurship theories and practices. PES is a great channel for us to connect, share our passion, co-write publications/grants and work together toward international collaborations for better impacts. We need happy and healthy entrepreneurs and that’s why we are here!’

For more information and to join the new COI (open to ISBE members and non-members), please see here.


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