Contemporary Issues in Entrepreneurship Research book series

ISSN 2040-7246

About the Series

Contemporary Issues in Entrepreneurship Research is an official book series of the Institute for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (ISBE) and is published in collaboration with ISBE and Emerald.

Volumes in the series can be purchased from Emerald’s online Bookstore. Also available to view is the online Table of Contents where individual chapters can be purchased and downloaded.

Volumes comprise of specially selected papers submitted to the ISBE annual conference in addition to invited external expert contributions. Each volume is designed around a specific theme of importance to the entrepreneurship and small business community. Articles collectively explore and develop theory and practice in the field of entrepreneurship and small business, while the emphasis of the research is on quality, currency and relevance.

Recently published in the series is Volume 9A – Creating Entrepreneurial Space: Talking Through Multi-Voices, Reflections on Emerging Debates
Edited by: David Higgins, Paul Jones, Pauric McGowan

Key research areas from which specific volume themes are derived include:

Entrepreneurship education and training
Gender, entrepreneurship and family business
Creative industries entrepreneurship
Small business creation and development
Social, community and ethnic entrepreneurship
E-entrepreneurship & E-business
Innovation, incubation and networks
Management – skills development and growth issues
Supporting small business
SME finance and venture capital
Sustainability, environmental issues and entrepreneurship

Contact the Series Editor
Paul Jones
Swansea University, Wales

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