Schools across Wales undertake Enterprise Education training

Oct 2023 to February 2024

In response to new Curriculum developments, Careers Wales have launched a national series a professional development sessions

As discussed in the recent isbe Entrepreneurship Policy and Practice Insights, (Issue 1, Vol 1, Issue 5), Welsh Schooling’s ‘Four Purposes’ of schooling, call for ‘Enterprising Creative Contributors’.

Careers Wales has launched a series of Professional Learning workshops for teachers in all five regions of Wales. These are aimed at supporting both Primary and Secondary Schooling, for pupils aged 3 to 16. At the end of the first session delegates will be able to:

  • Consider the pipeline of entrepreneurial learning when developing intra and co-curricular provision – to better position their offer – according to where learners are in their educational journey, with special regard to issues related to learning for sustainability.
  • Address the requirements of the ‘Four Purposes’, with a special focus on Creative Enterprising Contributors.
  • Align their approaches to ‘Skills Integral to the Four Purposes’.
  • Consider alternative pedagogical approaches that have been seen to have had impact internationally when learning ‘for’ enterprise, as opposed to learning ‘about’ enterprise.
  • Consider the distinctions that need to be made between learning designed to test ‘Implementation’ (doing ‘correctly’ as anticipated), and ‘Innovation” (offering novel ideas to solve problems).

 Follow on sessions will explore learning progression models.


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