SEICC Round Table: Exploring Diversity in Social Investment Advisory Market

SEICC Round Table: Exploring Diversity in Social Investment Advisory Market
On 21 November 2023, For Business Sake hosted the inaugural SEICC (Social Economy Investment Community Consultants) Programme Round Table, a Social Investment wholesalers’ engagement conference. The conference explored the need for a more diverse and inclusive Social Impact and Investment Advisor Market, utilising data and findings from the initiative.

For Business Sake envisioned the SEICC Programme significantly influencing and driving change. This included supporting the Social Impact and Investment sector’s agenda to diversify its advisor market by incorporating:

  • Formal and informal social economy community consultancy methods

  • Cultural sensitivity training

  • Collaborative and participatory enquiries

  • Social Economy Investment Community leadership skills

  • Networking opportunities

  • Peer-to-peer learning structures

Lord Victor Adebowale CBE served as the esteemed keynote speaker. Other attendees included representatives from UnLtd, Pathway Fund, Big Issue Invest, Big Society Capital, Access – The Foundation for Social Investment, Resonance, Connect Fund, Barrow Cadbury Trust, and Commsa Ubele.

Mirroring the SEICC Round Table, an independent draft of the Black Social Impact and Investment Report is now complete. For Business Sake is scheduled to publish the final report by the end of April.


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