The Entrepreneurship Studies Network (ESN)

SIG Chair: Dr Richard Tunstall

The Entrepreneurship Studies Network is committed to supporting experimental and novel approaches that advance understanding of the phenomenon of entrepreneurship and its real-life practices, contexts and impacts. We are passionate about developing a creative space through which researchers, practitioners, educators and policy-makers can jointly enrich our understanding of entrepreneurial action.

We aim to:
1. Advance the European tradition of research in the broadly defined area of entrepreneurship studies, with an emphasis on real-life practices, contexts and impacts.
2. Create a forum and network supporting the creation of scholarly research that explores socio-economic, historical and cultural contexts, connecting the study of enterprise to real life practices. In addition support research which draws insights form a broad social science and humanities base
3. Promote the development of theory for practice in entrepreneurship research
4. Support the career development of its members.
5. Contribute to developing an Entrepreneurship Studies mini conference
6. Contribute to an annual development event at the ISBE conference

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We aim to:
1. Host seminars and workshops to facilitate research development and networking.
2. Support the development of the bi-annual International Research Symposium
3.Adopt an international on-line presence via the ISBE website, JISC-listserv email account and working towards further use of new media to aid networking.
4.Promote the formation of rich networks and sub-themes within our membership.

ESN Organising Committee:
Chair: Dr Richard Tunstall (University of Leeds, UK)
Vice-Chairs: Dr Karen Verduijn (VU Amsterdam, Netherlands) Dr Steffen Korsgaard (University of Southern Denmark)

ESN Advisory Panel
Professor Simon Down (Anglia Ruskin University, UK), Professor Denise Fletcher (University of Luxembourg), Professor William B. Gartner (Clemson University, USA), Professor Daniel Hjorth (Copenhagen Business School, Denmark), Professor Bengt Johanisson (Linnaeus University, Växjö, Sweden), Professor David Rae (University of Lincoln, UK), Professor Chris Steyaert (University St. Gallen, Switzerland), Professor Friederike Welter (IfM Bonn & University of Siegen, Germany), Professor Tony Watson (University of Nottingham, UK)