ISBE launches three new specialist groups

We are very happy to announce the launch of three new specialist groups within the Institute. This is part of the delivery on our strategic priorities from our 2020 strategic roadmap to develop and grow our Communities of Interest (COIs) and Special Interest Groups (SIGs). 

Membership of our groups is open to ISBE members and non-members. It is easy to sign up – just follow the instructions on any of the groups’ webpages.

Research in Enterprise Education (REntEd)

Jointly chaired by ISBE’s VP Education & Practitioner Learning, Dr Kelly Smith of Coventry University and an EEUK Director, Dr Emily Beaumont of Plymouth Marjon University, this new Research in Enterprise Education COI, run in partnership with Enterprise Educators UK (EEUK), is intended to explicitly link together the research and practice arms of the EntEd discipline. 

For more information and to join the COI, visit here

Psychology of Small Business and Entrepreneurship (PES)

Chaired by Dr Sukanlaya Sawang at the University of Leicester, the new COI connects individuals and communities who are keen to explore the psychological aspects of entrepreneurship and small business. It aims to reflect the Institute’s values by encouraging research which is relevant to current contexts and looks forward to shaping the policies and practices in relationship to improving the quality of work-life amongst entrepreneurs, small business owners and self-employed individuals.

For more information and to join the COI, visit here

Entrepreneurship in Minority Groups (EMG)

Launched in association with the popular ISBE conference track, the Entrepreneurship in Minority Groups (EMG) Special Interet Group will engage researchers and academics whose research interests broadly cover groups ‘outside the mainstream’, including ethnic minorities, refugees and migrants/diaspora, transnational, internally displaced, disabled, young people, those operating in the informal economy,  hard-to-reach and understudied groups; and ‘intersectional’ combinations of these groups. It will be jointly chaired by ISBE Fellow Professor David Rae, De Montfort University and Track Chair Dr Tom Domboka, Birmingham City University. 

For more information and to join the SIG, visit here


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