Startup accelerators: Propelling entrepreneurs to maximise success

Startup Accelerators is the go-to-guide for any entrepreneur, providing a firsthand look into the acceptance criteria and inner workings of different accelerator programs.

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Associate Professor Naomi Birdthistle from the Department of Business Strategy and Innovation, at Griffith Business School, along with co-authors, Dr Richard Busulwa, Swinburne University and Mr Steve Dunn, founder of DigitalKeys, Gold Coast, has recently launched a book “Startup accelerators: A field guide”—a must-read guidebook for entrepreneurs looking to get into accelerator programs and to build and scale their startups with speed. Written by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, this indispensable resource explains what different accelerator programs offer, how to get accepted, what to do during the program, how to raise money during accelerators, what to do after the program ends, and much more. Packed with real-world case studies and advice from leading experts on startup accelerator programs, this one-stop resource provides step-by-step guidance on the entire accelerator process.

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